What day is it? 

This week I’ve been terrible at posting on here on my regular days. My mum has stayed over on a different night this week which has made my brain have a bit of a fit and totally space out what day it is! I have a post all written up in my notebook ready to put on here which I was going to do today in place of the missing chatty Tuesday post yesterday…but for whatever reason my brain said “nah Amy you don’t need to post today chill out do some colouring instead”. Oops. So I will post that one tomorrow instead. 

Thought I’d do a kind of chatty post tonight just so I have something to post! 

Tomorrow I finally get my new phone, I’ve gone for the iPhone SE 32GB in rose gold (I have no idea if 32gb is good or not but hey!) So fingers crossed its better than HTC as this phone is beyond annoying. Only thing is I do have to ring Vodafone when it’s here to change my mobile number to the new sim they’ve included or something…I’m really not very tech savvy when it comes to stuff like this! So I’ll have to try and find a bit of my house where my signal will stay for longer than 5seconds to call them and probably be passed about to loads of different people to sort it…I would use my land-line but it costs me a STUPID amount to make calls on that, especially to company numbers like Vodafone. My new phone is due here by 1pm tomorrow so we shall see. I also need to order a protective case for it and another charger so that I can keep one upstairs and one downstairs…damn iPhone for having stupid chargers that are different to everything else! 


Today I ventured into the local town for the first time since…I don’t actually know, would of been the start of the year or maybe before Xmas. Why do things cost so much money? I took out £100 and wanted some to put towards my driving lessons, yet I managed to spend about £80 of it! It’s not even like I was treating myself, I was getting stuff I needed like various Birthday cards, fathers day cards, wrapping paper, shoes for my daughter etc all stuff that was needed yet it cost bloody loads even though I’m stingey and look for bargains! I’ve got 4 ish weeks to get another £105 together to make up the £230 for another 10hours worth of lessons…seriously hoping I won’t need any more after that and manage to pass first time as I’d kinda like to have money to buy Xmas presents thanks! Joys of being a responsible adult and paying all bills etc first. Then I gotta save to buy a car once I pass…why must it all cost so much?! 


Well that’s all my ‘news’ this week…exciting right? 


I quite enjoy doing the random get to know me quiz things, and would love for any readers to send me some questions to answer, rather than having to scroll through google to find different ones! Can ask as many questions as you like about anything 🙂


🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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