My thoughts on Netflix series 13 Reasons Why

As a lot of people know, Netflix had a series recently called 13 Reasons Why about a teen girl who took her life and left cassette tapes with her ‘thirteen reasons why’ she done it. For any younger readers wondering what the hell a cassette tape is, it’s this: 

I actually downloaded Netflix specifically to watch 13RW after so many people recommended it to me (all my good friends know that I find things regarding mental health interesting). I started watching it at about 8am one morning, and I carried on watching it through out the day until around 1:30am the next morning; I just couldn’t stop watching it I had to know what happened next.


I’m not giving any spoilers away incase any of you reading haven’t seen it or finished watching it yet, but I will say it’s pretty hard hitting. I think from episode 11 to 13 I cried pretty much the whole way through. 

I think that 13 Reasons Why really makes you think about how your actions affect other people- or how doing nothing affects them too. I think that it tries to tell viewers not to be so self absorbed and to think about the possible consequences their behavior has on people around them, and that it’s important to really listen to people. 

Some articles suggest that 13RW has romanticised suicide- I disagree completely. It doesn’t make it look fun or cool, it shows how awful it is to feel that way and how others cope with it. Personally I think they put it together perfectly. I will warn though for people who haven’t seen the past episode, they do have a very graphic scene of how she killed herself, so if you’re easily triggered or don’t like blood just be warned and maybe look away for that scene. If you are easily triggered by things, I advise you to either not watch this series, or to not watch it alone so that you have support with you incase you struggle with the difficult scenes throughout. 

All in all, 13 Reasons Why is brilliant, and the cast played the parts perfectly. I do however want to know what happened next to some of the characters- there’s definitely an ‘opening’ at the end for a sequel. 

Let me know what your thoughts are on this Netflix series. 

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