Random silly o’clock get to know me TMI quiz thing 

You guessed it, insomnia has kicked in so it’s time for some random questions!


What are you wearing? Black and pink underwear, grey water length pjay bottoms with Animal from Muppet’s on it, and a black long sleeve pjay top with young simba from Lion King (though my daughter calls it kyon from Lion guard…close enough!)

Ever been in love? Yes I have, but it was one way. I fall for people pretty fast, or at least I used to I’ve been single so long now I can’t even remember what it really feels like to be in love with someone. 

Ever had a terrible breakup? Yes haha! Top 3 would be 1. When I was 18 and finally broke up with R for the last time after being on and off for god knows how long, he was just an arsehole that owed me money and wouldn’t pick up his stuff for ages etc. 2. Was when I dumped P and he went on some mad rampage trying to find me, called everyone I know to try and find me etc, then started stalking me for a bit a posting stuff like large bars of dairy milk chocolate with flowers and notes etc, I actually went to Bournemouth for a long weekend to try and escape him and he somehow found out. 3. When I dumped J, he sent me constant texts either begging for me to take him back or that he’d kill himself, or he’d be vile with threats and spiteful comments. He would stand outside my work and just watch me, he hacked into my facebook account to know where I was etc, took a load of friends from me…I had to actually involve the police for harassment he got that bad. 

How tall are you? Standing up straight I’m 5″9, but my posture is awful I’m always slouching so I’m more 5″8.

How much do you weigh? The last time I checked a few weeks ago I weighed 55kg which is about 8 stone I think. 

Any tattoos and piercings? Yeah you could say that lol I’ve got a lot of tattoos, and 12 piercings. 

Favourite TV shows? Depends on my mood to be honest. I like crime documentaries, Hoarders, Obsessive compulsive cleaners, any medical shows, corrie emmerdale and eastenders, this morning, and comedies like The middle, friends, Melissa and Joey. 

Favourite band? I can’t choose a favourite band I’m always listening to music so it changes. My favourite all time singer is David Bowie, but band wise…I guess Steps as I’ve always loved them. 

Something you miss? My first job working in a clothes shop called Madhouse. And a chocolate bar called Mars Delight!

Favourite song at the moment? Bartender by James Blunt. I’m obsessed with his latest album at the moment. 

How old are you? I am 24

What’s your zodiac sign? I’m a Taurus, stubborn but loving and caring. 

Favourite quote? There is far too many! I’m a lover of words, quotes, and lyrics I can’t decide! 

Favourite actor? I have two, and that’s Robin Williams and Johnny Depp.

What’s your favourite colour? Again I can’t just pick one; green, red, pink, purple. 

Loud music or soft music? Depends on my mood to be honest. Though now I have my daughter I don’t put music on stupidly loud anymore as I need to be able to hear her and also she might not like really loud music. 

Where do you go when you’re sad? I can’t go anywhere now to be honest, if it’s something serious that’s upset me I’ll usually try and wait for my daughter to fall asleep then I’ll cry or if it’s too early for her to sleep I’ll put music on and sing it out. Before my daughter, I would often go to a wooded place in my hometown and just scream at the sky, or when I lived on a farm I’d go into one of the fields and shout at the sky etc. 

Turn on? I don’t even know anymore its been so long lol 

Turn off? Erm…manky looking hands. If you’ve just come in from working on a car or something then fine I can deal with the dirty hands until they’re washed, but if you just generally always have grubby hands and filthy fingernails due to just poor hygiene I won’t let you touch me. 

Reason you joined WordPress? I wanted to get back into writing, and it also keeps my mind working and gives me a place to just talk even with no reply…it let’s off some of the pressure in a sense being able to chat about random crap on here. 

Last thing that made you cry? A TV show called Confessions Of A Junior Doctor, it was an episode about the children’s ward and I cried seeing all the poorly babies. 

Last time you said you love someone? I said it out loud to my daughter, and in message form to my mum. 

Last book you read? Girl Online by Zoe Sugg which by the way is bloody brilliant. 

Last show you watched? Can’t remember what it’s called, but it was about Heathrow airport

Last person you spoke to? My daughter 

What’s the relationship between you and the last person you text? She’s my nan. Anyone noticed that no one else other than my mum nan and daughter talk to me on a regular basis? Billy no mates here haha! 

Favourite food? Chocolate. Dinner wise I like the winter meals like chicken  or sausage casserole, chilli concarne, shepards pie. 

Place you want to visit? I really want to go to Brighton one day, it just looks really nice from what I’ve seen in photos etc. 

Last time you kissed someone and who? Family wise would be my daughter, non family would be last year before Xmas when I visited my hometown and M kissed me (more than likely to shut me up tbh we were stood out in the cold talking shite haha!)

Favourite flavour sweet? I’m more of a chocolate bar person than sweets, but if I do get sweets it’s usually strawberry flavoured or the haribo sour cherries. 

Last sport you played? Oh christ erm…does pool or darts count? From years ago when I worked and lived in a pub. I’m not a sporty person lol 

Last song you sang? True Colours from the Trolls soundtrack. 

What’s your favourite chat up line? “How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice hi my name is (insert name)” an old mate I worked with in madhouse came out with it one day and it’s always stuck in my head and made me laugh. 

Have you ever used it? No I’m not the chat up line kinda girl! 

Last time you hung out with anyone? Other than my daughter and mum, it would be back to when I last visited my home town last year before Xmas..September I think it was where I saw Chris, Lindsay and Mackenzie and chilled out in the harvesters all evening. If you haven’t guessed already I don’t have any friends where I live, I keep myself to myself because I can’t be bothered with drama and even though people here are nice, they’re not the kind of people I’d hang out with if that makes sense? Plus the fact I think I’m the only single parent round here haha!

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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