Get to know me quiz: relationship edition

I’ve found a few questions online to do with dating, relationships, weddings etc so thought it’d be fun to share my answers with you. 

Preference of…

Hair colour: I usually go for darker hair or shaved.

Eye colour: no preference to eye colour 

Height: taller the better lol I’m 5″9 so prefer a guy to be taller than me or at least the same height.

Body type: I don’t really have a type I go for, I’ve been with skinny guys, stupidly muscley, average build and ‘chubby’. If they’re comfortable that’s all that matters, though I wouldn’t go for the extremes like dangerously skinny or obese.

Sporty or geeky: both? I don’t mind really.



Your idea of a perfect date: take me to a zoo or somewhere like monkey world and you’re a winner lol 

Kiss on first date: if it feels right then don’t see why not. Wouldn’t go further than that though.

Home cooked meal or restaurant: it depends, if it’s someone you’ve known for ages and have a friendship then being at home would be cool, but if it’s someone you’re meeting for the first time then a restaurant is better.

Who should pay for the date: I think you should both pay for your own meal. It’s not fair to go on a date and expect the other person to pay for everything.

Day time or night time date: depends on what we’re doing/where we’re going

Last date you went on: I’ve never really been on a proper date involving a day out or a meal, went for a drink in wetherspoons once with someone I met online. He was lovely and we got on well but I found out a few days after I was pregnant (not his obviously) and he just disappeared lol 



How soon do you say “I love you”: whenever it feels right to do so. I do usually wait for them to say it first though.

What’s your idea of romantic: nothing over the top, just little things like good morning texts, kisses on my forehead, holding my hand while out…easily pleased me!

Live with your partner or separately: it depends how long you’ve been together. For me personally I’ve lived with two of my exs in precious relationships and moved in pretty quickly which didn’t work at all. It would take a LOT for me to have someone live with me now, I like having my own space.

Would you let your partner see you with no makeup on: yeah of course, if they only like me with makeup on then they aren’t worth being with 

Your partner invites their friends over to watch the football, what do you do: well first off I’d like to think they told me about it first. I’d get a load of munchies for them, then either join them, sit and amuse myself or go out. I wouldn’t let them ‘force me’ out of my own home. If they were being disrespectful then I’d chuck them out, I don’t put up with rude disrespectful people especially in my home.

Night in or night out: night in. Unless it was something like going to the cinema or theatre. I’m not really into the whole clubbing scene anymore. I’d happily go to a cosy pub though even though I don’t really drink alcohol anymore.

Would you ever get a tattoo for your partner: I’d never get their name, but I’d get a design for them to mark a memory or have summit tattooed to do with a nickname they have given me.

Would you prefer your partner to be rich or poor: aslong as they can support themselves financially I don’t care. I can’t afford to take care of anyone else financially and I wouldn’t want to be their personal bank account even if I could. Done that before it ends badly.

Would you be upset/annoyed if your partner didn’t get you a present for your birthday: nope. I’d be happy with just a card to show they’ve thought about me.



Do you want to get married: in all honesty I don’t think I would. It costs a lot of money and can be a right ballache if you split up and need a divorce. I’d rather just be engaged, like a promise ring type thing. 

Big extravagant wedding or small intimate wedding: small intimate wedding, I hate being centre of attention the thought of saying vows infront of loads of people makes me feel uneasy. I’d rather have a small ceremony in a registry office (I’m not religious so would be hypocritical getting married in a church) then have a big party after.

Dream dress: itd be white. Preferably long sleeved, not too poofy (I’ll put a picture of the kind of styles I like) And I’d have a different white dress for the evening that was more comfortable to sit in etc. 

Who would be your bridesmaids: if I got married while my daughter is little then she’d be my flower girl but from age 5 up she’d be a bridesmaid. I’d probably ask Lindsay and Sophie to be my adult bridesmaids. If the man I was marrying had a daughter or a sister I got on well with then I’d ask them too so they weren’t left out.

Who would walk you down the isle: probably my mum to be honest. I doubt I’d invite my dad because I haven’t seen him for ten years and I don’t think he’d come anyway because of my mum etc.

What song would be your first dance: I have no idea, would have to be decided between myself and whoever I was marrying. 

Would you learn a dance routine or just do the traditional slow dance: depends on what the person I’m marrying would want to do. If we did a routine I’d want like a flash mob type thing so I wasn’t centre of attention.

Where would your honeymoon be: I have no desire to leave this country, so I’d happily visit somewhere in England instead of some over priced boiling hot country where I’d end up ill. 


🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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