The Moors Murders: Ian Brady.

I thought I’d do a post on the recent news of Ian Brady dying yesterday as its something a lot of people are talking about and stories like this have always interested me. 


For those in other countries or younger readers that don’t know who he is: Ian Brady was part of a murderess twosome with his partner Myra Hindley, together from July 1963 to October 1965 this partnership murdered five victims aged from just 10 to 17- Pauline Reade age 16, John Kilbride age 12, Keith Bennett age 12, Lesley Ann Downey age 10, and Edward Evans age 17 where it is known that at least 4 of them were also sexually assaulted by the pair in and around Manchester. 

Two of the children were found in graves dug on Saddleworth Moor, the third was also discovered there over 20 years after the trial which was held in 1966. However, Keith Bennett’s body still to this day hasn’t been found; he is suspected to also be buried at Saddleworth Moor but even though there has been multiple searches for him, none were successful and Keith’s mother Winnie died in 2012 not knowing where her little boy was or being able to lay him to rest properly. Both Ian and Myra were sentenced to life in prison for their crimes. Myra Hindley spent 36 years in prison then died in 2002 aged 60 of a serious chest infection and suspected heart attack, whereas Ian Brady had been in prison for 51 years (though he had been moved around to various high security hospitals before dying yesterday at ashworth hospital where he’d been receiving end of life care for lung cancer at the age of 79.


Upon hearing the news of Ian Brady’s death I’ve seen so many people say things like “he should of been hung years ago” and “I hope he rots in hell and doesn’t rest in peace”. Personally I’m glad he was kept alive, because I’ve never agreed with the death penalty- in my eyes if you kill someone for killing someone else then you have stooped down to their level, as well as death being an easy way out for them. Also if Brady and Hindley had of been put to death the bodies they did find may not of been found at all. Ian Brady wanted to die years ago, so by killing him you’d only be doing exactly what he wanted which he didn’t deserve. And he will be resting peacefully, as he never showed any remorse for his crimes, so unfortunately won’t be a ‘tortured lost soul’.


For years Brady has played games with the family of Keith Bennett and the police, giving false clues as to where he’s buried, or telling investigators they very nearly walked over Keith’s grave. Brady was a manipulative, evil fuck up of a man fast enjoyed having power over people, and being in prison his only power left was the secret of Keith’s whereabouts. 

Personally, I don’t believe Keith is on Saddleworth Moor, and if he is I don’t believe he’ll be in just one place. 


There’s rumours that Ian Brady wrote a statement of sorts explaining where Keith is and what happened to him that was given to his solicitor and to only be published once he had died… I don’t believe this rumour. If Ian had written something, I think it would all just be more mind games and lies. That secret was his only ounce of power he kept over everyone, I don’t believe for one minute that he revealed his sadistic and cruel secret, because even in death he STILL holds that power over everyone that he forever craved to keep. 


It’s good that the world has one less evil scum inhabiting it, but it’s heartbreaking that the Bennett family more than likely will never know where Keith is. I hope that one day I’ll be proven wrong and they do find him. The case to find Keith has never been closed, and according to investigators it never will be.

What are your thoughts on the moors murders? 

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