Driving lesson number 7

Not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous about today’s lesson as I’ve had a two week break. But I was fine. 

We started off just on the little country road just to get me used to the car again, then onto the link road where the speed limit is 60mph which still scares me, though my instructor said today that I’ve got no reason to be scared as my handling is perfect I’m not wobbling all over the road etc. I then done one roundabout which did scare me a bit as there was a lot of traffic about today so I did accidentally stall before pulling out onto the roundabout, but I recovered it well luckily. We then pulled into a lay by and swapped over as there’s a new large roundabout being constructed on the way to town so he didn’t want me panicking on it as it’s a nightmare at the moment. I then had to do circuits of a housing estate to get used to looking out for other cars and pedestrians etc as well as doing more junctions. There’s 3 left hand turns on the circuit and there’s just one of them that I haven’t totally mastered as I was stopping just a little too far back. But other than that I was fine. 

We might be doing a 3 hour lesson next week instead of 2 hours as it takes around 40mins to get into the town which doesn’t leave me much driving time when I get there. 

So all in all, pretty good lesson today really I’m glad to say! 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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