Driving Lesson Number 8

I’m not particularly in a writing mood at the moment as I’m absolutely shattered! But I thought I’d do my usual update on my driving lessons.  Also sorry I haven’t really been posting on here as much recently, I’ve been so tired and battling what I think is either sinus headaches or cluster headaches the past few days so I haven’t wanted to be staring at a screen to post on here. So at the moment I won’t be posting as regularly as I have been as I need to get these headaches to sod off! 



Today I tried turning in a road which I done three times without hitting curbs etc; uphill start and downhill start. Pretty good lesson today I’m getting better with clutch control and my road postition when at junctions. 

I did however have to cross a link road which scared me shitless, in fact it took me 4 attempts as I kept stalling! But other than that my lesson went really well. We done 3 hours instead of 2 today to give me more driving time. My feet and ankles are in agony though from driving longer. (I have issues with my feet and ankles which make them constantly hurt anyway but the positions your feet are in for driving tends to make them hurt more once I’m home) 

Anyway here’s my progress card so far so you can see what my instructor thinks 


🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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