Little self hatred rant time! 

Do you ever do something and wish you didn’t immediately after? Well that just happened to me. 

I stepped on my bathroom scales and according to them I have put on 10kg in the space of around 2 weeks.  I was quite happy seeing 55kg, but now it’s saying I’m closer to 65kg. 

This has made me feel like absolute shit. I hate my body enough as it is, I always have, but to go up in weight rather than down really gets to me. I’m genuinely close to tears. 

Now I know people reading this could think that 65 isn’t a lot, and in reality it isn’t it’s within my BMI scale thingy of being a healthy weight, but when you’ve spent most your life being naturally really slim and flat stomached, having a wobbly tummy feels awful. 

You’d think that hating my body so much I’d have a lot of will power and motivation to exercise and tone up etc…nope! I eat healthy for a week then get fed up of it and go back to eating crap, same as I’ll exercise for a bit then just give up. I find it difficult to do a lot of the exercises I need for the bits I hate most because they either hurt my lower back that I have issues with thanks to my daughter, or it hurts my ankles from having issues with my ankle joints.  

I don’t think I’d mind the flabby fat belly if I had bigger boobs…but I’ve always been small chested and got smaller after giving birth! 

I need help 😦 does anyone have any easy exercises I can do at home without weights etc that will tone up my stomach, around my hips, and my thighs please? And any easy and simple food ideas that don’t cost the earth…I’m a lazy cook that hates too much preparation and waiting around for food to cook, and I don’t have blenders etc so can’t do all the weird rank shakes people seem to be going mad for lately! So please gimme suggestions before this gets to me too much 😦 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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