My Bullying Stories. Part One

Throughout my whole school life I was bullied. I thought I’d share with you my experiences I went through at various ages. So here’s part one as I have a few stories I can share with you. 


My earliest memory of being bullied was my 2nd year of infant school. I was the quiet kid that didn’t like drawing attention to myself. I got bullied for being shy and quiet as well as having big ears (which still affects me today as I very very rarely wear my hair up in front of other people). 

There was a boy in my class called Justin who often made fun of me. One day I was sat on a stool at the computer having my turn on the learning games, and because I wouldn’t move and give up my turn, Justin slammed his stool down on my toes and sat down HARD on it. My lovely white school socks and sandles were covered in blood, and I think either most or all of one toe nail came off. 

Fast forward to a few years ago in a tattoo studio, Justin came in- not recognising me at all, and had a tattoo done. He was a total wuss the whole way through! Karma is a bitch! 

I don’t remember much else from infants and juniors, just that I still got teased about my ears and shyness. 


In my second year of senior school, I started hanging round with two girls in my year group called Leah and Becky. I’d known Leah since I was about 4, and our mums knew each other before we were even born. I actually think my mum and Leah’s uncle dated for a while when they were younger. 

Anyway, after a while for some reason Becky started being really nasty- she wouldn’t let me sit with them or be with them in the ‘playground’, she made up rumours and was just generally making my life hell. I can’t remember specifics as I tried to block it from my memory, but I do remember being so unhappy and absolutely dreading school because of Leah and Becky. 

What got to me, was that even though Leah wasn’t as bad as Becky, she just kind of ‘followed’ whatever Becky did, she never stopped to say ‘leave Amy alone’, which really hurt as I’d known her for so long. 

They turned a LOT of people against me somehow, mainly the girls in my tutor group who weren’t quite in with the popular kids but they were the ‘rank’ just below them. I started spending a lot of lunchtimes in the library or in the medical room claiming to be unwell so I’d get sent home. 

I did try telling a teacher called Mrs Hughes, but she didn’t care and basically told me to get over it. I don’t remember what I said or when it was, but I did eventually tell my mum. 

One morning before school, we sat in my nans car in a car park opposite the school, and waited for Leah and Becky to walk past. Myself and my mum then got out the car and walked into school right behind them- I remember them both looking back at us and looking a bit red faced and worried. We then went and spoke to my lovely tutor Mr Du-Heaume who was so supportive and looked out for me from then on. After that visit, Leah and Becky had obviously been spoken to and they left me alone. 

Nowadays I do actually have Leah on Facebook, and we’ve chatted a few times on various posts. It’s nice to see she’s grown up to be a nice person and not be lead by arseholes like Becky- I don’t have a problem with Leah at all as like I said she wasn’t really the instigator of it. I will however NEVER have anything to do with Becky; she made my life hell for that period of time, and I’ll never forgive her for that. 


That’s the end of part one of my bullying stories, I’ll share some more with you at a later date in part two. 

Remember, bullying isn’t big or clever, it just makes you an absolute waste of a human.


πŸ”Ήimmeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to beπŸ”Ή


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