Chatty Tuesday 

Hey everyone I hope you all had a good bank holiday, and those with children I hope you’re enjoying half term! 


I’m not posting on here as much as I used to, because truth be told I haven’t been in the right kind of ‘head space’ I guess. This time of year I start worrying whether I can afford enough birthday presents for my daughter, wondering whether or not my Nan will come and visit for my daughters birthday, and this year there’s the added upset of 29th June which is when my closest friend Andrew would of been 30 but instead it’s the year anniversary of his death, so it’s safe to say I’m battling off my brain at the moment and will be for a while! I’m not totally giving up on my blog though as I enjoy writing, it just won’t be as often as it used to be and won’t be certain days apart from Thursdays when I do my driving lesson updates- though this week I don’t have a lesson so that will resume next week! But I thought I’d jump on for a chatty Tuesday seeing as my daughter has dozed off early! So hi how are you all doing? 


Yesterday I was so annoyed!! I had my weekly grocery delivery, and to start with someone else’s shopping had leaked all over one of my crates which resulted in them having to take back a packet of nappies because it was soaked by a fruit cider from someone else’s crate! It also covered me so I ended up smelling like a raging alcoholic! Whilst unpacking my shopping, I then discovered one of my eggs had broken, they’d sent me green apples instead of red, and they totally forgot to send tomatoes. Safe to say I wasn’t a happy bunny! The rest of the day was pretty chilled out though we watched Finding Dory, Pudsey The Dog The Movie, and some other films that I can’t remember haha! 


Today we had a bit of a different morning, at around 10am there was this really loud noise coming from outside- turns out it was an air ambulance landing in the field next door to our house! So that was interesting haha! I do hope that whoever they were called to is ok, I’m not sure if they took anyone away as I could only see one side of the helicopter. It amazed me how they didn’t clip the overhead wires on the pilon they landed under! It was pretty close. ​ here’s a photo of it for anyone interested. I found it quite fascinating if I’m honest, closest I’ve been to a helicopter was when I was in infant/junior school and a team from HMS Endurance (they were an icebreaker that served as the Royal Navy ice patrol ship from 1991 to 2008) anyway one day they bought one of their helicopters to our school and landed it in our playing field so that we could have a close up look of it and sit in it…don’t think I’d ever want to fly in one though to be honest! 


The weather recently has been pretty nice, it’s made a change to not have loads of layers on! I actually forgot that I have so many tattoos, because usually I’m in long sleeves and trousers but the past few days I’ve had quarter length leggings and a tshirt on! Also made me realise how bloody pasty white my legs are haha!! 


So tonight I’m not sure whether I’ll just chill out watching tv or start my second assessment of my course…it’s not due in til 22nd July so got plenty of time, I sent my first one off early it wasn’t due til June 22nd! Hopefully I won’t have to redo any answers and just pass it straight away. To be honest, I’m leaning more towards not doing anything haha! So my night will consist of Emmerdale, Britains Got Talent, Eastenders and Coronation Street (which by the way I’m obsessed with at the moment I’m loving the story lines Corrie has currently!) 


Mums coming over tomorrow 🙂 my weekly time of adult company haha! Got nothing planned, just gotta pop to the shop for electric and tomatoes and that’s it! Next week it’s her 43rd birthday; we won’t see her on her actual birthday as it’s at the weekend so she’s having an early birthday with us. I’m just praying that Asda will deliver the cheesecake I’ve ordered for her as her birthday cake! Think I might need to buy a cake mix just incase! Rather annoyed I’d ordered her a plush toy of a sloth to be from my daughter, but it never turned up! So now I’m having to go through amazon and getting them to sort a refund for me because the seller is ignoring my emails! Such a ballache. I’ve ordered her a little present to finish off her gifts which I’m hoping will arrive in time! Talking of waiting for parcels, I’ve got an order from The Works I’m waiting for, a big paw patrol birthday banner thing for my daughter, and my phone case to wait for too! Also waiting for a refund from my housing association to go in so that I can chuck it in my driving lessons pot for the next lot that I need to pay for at my next lesson. Costing me a bloody fortune! And I hate waiting!


I mentioned before about a friend who was planning on visiting…he’s not now as he’s going to an engagement party or something that he can’t get out of because he’s a groomsman. He did offer to come see me on the Sunday for a while but I told him not to as it’s really not worth it for how much it costs and the time it takes to get here. Sooner I can drive the better! Means I’ll be able to atleast pick people up from the station then. 


Anyways, that’s enough rambling for tonight. I’m gonna watch Eastenders, and try not to cry that I have no chocolate in the house!!


🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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