My daughters favourites 

My little girl is coming up for 3 years old, and she loves any tv shows or movies with good music and animals in! So I thought I’d share with you her top favourite tv shows and films at the moment that we enjoy watching together and singing along to…and yes I know the lyrics to every theme tune and song involved in all of these shows and films! 


Let start with TV Shows 

Her absolute favourites are The Lion Guard, Doc McStuffins, PJ Masks and Paw Patrol…

…though closely followed by Mr Bean The Animated Series, Tom And Jerry, Powerpuff Girls, Sofia The First, Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids, and Shimmer And Shine. Obviously there are loads of others she watches, but these are the top picks.


Movie time! Again there’s so many movies she likes, but these ones are a select few that are top of the list. 

Stuart Little, Finding Nemo/Finding Dory, Toy Story 1/2/3 and the other mini films, and Trolls.


Monsters Inc/Monsters University, Beauty And The Beast, Matilda, Little Mermaid, and Labyrinth.


What shows/films do your kids enjoy watching? Are you like me and know the words to every song? Let me know! 🙂 

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