Chatty Tuesday 

Hey everyone I hope you’re all well and have better weather than I do at the moment, it’s done nothing but rain and he stupidly windy the past few days. 


I do again want to apologise for not posting as often, like I mentioned previously this month is a difficult one and on top of that my Nan is in hospital with pancreatitis. 

Nan went into hospital on Friday and is still there, she has been allowed to eat for a couple of days now and yesterday when my mum spoke to her on the phone she sounded really well and had slept better…but today she sounds awful because it looks like she’s picked up a stomach bug from the ward she’s on!! She told my mum that apparently some people on her ward have had diarrhoea so now it looks like she’s got it from being in the room with them, so she’s being moved into her own room today. She’s supposed to be having an MRI scan today to check if her pancreas has gone down as it was slightly inflamed, so fingers crossed it has and that it’s just a silly stomach bug to deal with now. She had some tests done the other day (no idea what for she didn’t explain to mum) but they all apparently came back perfectly fine. Hopefully she’ll be able to go home soon. My daughter is really missing being able to talk to her; we usually Skype her every day or atleast talk on the phone so my daughter keeps handing me the tablet and phone saying “where grandma go?”, so I really hope she gets to go home soon so that we can Skype her and my daughter can make her smile. At the weekend I posted a card to my Nan with some photos of my daughter to cheer her up, though I don’t think anyone has taken her mail up to her. Today I made my Nan a cat out of Hama beads which I’ve now wrapped up ready to post on Thursday after my driving lesson. Here’s a photo of it before I wrapped it all up: 

I have also made my friend Sam something out of Hama beads to send her, but I won’t post a photo of that yet as I know she sometimes reads my blog posts. Talking of post, my other friend Sof had written multiple letters to me but none of them arrived, yet my card to her arrived fine…turns out the tithead had been writing my postcode wrong and only realised when she saw the sender address on the back of the card I sent her haha! I had a message from my friend M today saying that he’ll come up on the 23rd to see me and my daughter; even though I feel kinda anxious about having him staying here for two nights, I’m looking forward to seeing him. 

Mum is coming over tomorrow for an early birthday, luckily Asda had the lemon cheesecake in stock when I ordered it so that’s her birthday cake because it’s her favourite and she prefers it to normal cakes. If I remember I’ll take a photo of the presents I got her and include them in another post. 


As my regular readers and friends have probably realised by now, I’m a huge David Bowie fan which includes a love for the film Labyrinth. For Christmas last year and my birthday this year my mum got me 2 Pop figures of Jareth and Sarah who came with the worm too. I recently ordered myself Hoggle to add to my collection and he arrived today! Now I just need Ludo and the other Jareth figure then I’ll have the complete set. Here they all are on a shelf in the centre of my main wall in my living room, with a small canvas painting I done myself of David Bowie:


Over the past few months, the world seems to be going mad on Unicorns for some reason; whether it’s unicorn highlighter makeup, unicorn hair, or just anything with a unicorn on. Now this makes me happy but annoys me at the same time; happy that there’s loads of different stuff to get, but annoyed because people assume I’m just following a trend with my love for unicorns. I have ALWAYS loved unicorns from a young age, I grew up watching the films Legend and The Last Unicorn, I have a necklace that myself, my Nan, uncle and mum all have which I always called my unicorn horn necklace, and my Nan had ornamental plates of beautiful unicorns which I now have (need more hanging hook things to put them all up). I’ve always loved unicorns, dragons, fairies, and wizards since I was very small, so trust me I am not just following a trend! Anyway little rant over haha! I got this colouring book from The Works last week for £2, which I’m really enjoying as it’s not too fiddly to colour so it’s great for the days when I wanna colour but not kill my eyes from colouring intricate pictures! There’s another one from the works I’ve ordered too that I’m still waiting for, and there’s one on amazon I might get at some point too. 


My daughter loves hats, she has done for ages. She also loves getting me to wear them! Today she’s chosen a hat that’s rather small for my head, but I can’t take it off until she says so otherwise all hell will break loose! So here I am, looking absolutely awesome in today’s hat choice courtesy of my daughter! 


I didn’t have a driving lesson last week as it was half term and my instructor has children so he had the week off, but I’m back to lessons this week on Thursday. Gonna be doing another 3 hour lesson which is gonna absolutely kill my feet and ankles again, but if it gets me to test standard quicker then I don’t mind it’s worth it! I need to think of when I will try and do my theory test, and find out how much it is! 


I love being on a review panel, I previously received a pusheen cat eating sushi, this week I received the one I have wanted for ages which is the pusheen cat eating pizza! He’s so cute and cuddly I love him! Though I am jealous he has pizza and I don’t! 


I can’t post today without mentioning that it’s David Bowie and Imans 25th wedding anniversary today. I have so much admiration for her and her strength after losing David. This beautiful couple will forever be “relationship goals” to me. 


I recently made some other Hama bead pictures for my mum and stepdad; an Ayrshire Cow, an Orchid, and the symbol for Sirius The Dog Star with the letter A for Alfie for my mum as it’s the name of the family dog who sadly passed away just before Christmas. Here’s a photo of Alfie, and the Hama bead creations: 


Well I think that’s enough rambling now. If I don’t post again before then I’ll post on Thursday with a driving lesson update. 


🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹 


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