House shares and over sharing

A few years ago before I was pregnant, I was homeless and sofa surfing. I’d been on the council list for a rented property for a few years with no luck at all, and even though I now had no fixed abode, the council still didn’t help me at all. So I went online and looked for local house shares. 

I came across one house that was in a nice area, not too close to the town centre but also not too far it was pretty central to my hometown in a little quiet lovely looking part of it that I’d never actually been to before, so I arranged a viewing. 

When I arrived at the house there was no one home, but the landlord (who was a live in landlord) text me to say he was running a little late but would be there soon. While standing outside waiting for him (I think his name was Paul, of not then it is now lol) and a few neighbors came out to ask if I was ok and even offered for me to go and wait in their house…bit odd offering a stranger into your home but whatever! Anyway this man turns up on an expensive looking pushbike in all the proper riding gear full of apologies for being late. He seemed really lovely bless him and a bit flustered trying to hurry himself. I told him there was no rush as I had nothing planned for the evening which seemed to relax him instantly. 

He showed me in to the living room where he put the to on and told me to just make myself at home while he ran up to shower and get changed. After about 10mins he appeared again all dressed and clean rather than sweaty and wearing very tight riding clothes! 

He showed me around his gorgeous house, made up of 4 bedrooms 3 upstairs one with an en suite,one downstairs also with ensuite), living room with dining room, a HUGE kitchen which was absolutely spotless, a massive CINEMA ROOM! Yeah a cinema room, with a huge screen and proper VIP cinema style seats along with a popcorn machine in the corner. The bedroom that was for offer was a single room…and it was bloody tiny if I’m honest. It was furnished, but honestly id of never even got half my stuff in there! 

After the house tour we went back into the living room where we sat chatting and waited for his other housemate to get home with her dog so that I could meet her. She was a foreign lady, didn’t speak brilliant English but she was nice enough, if I remember correctly I think she was Polish. Her dog was beautiful, just looked like a very fluffy fox! 

We all sat chatting and getting to know each other, Paul was asking me about my lifestyle like if I was single, if I went out a lot etc. He then went on to tell me why the single room was up for rent- he had a messy divorce a few years previously, and the room belonged to his young son who used to live with him, but for some reason his ex wife had taken him with her when she moved to France or something. At this point he began crying a little and really ripping into how much of a bitch his ex wife was. Little bit much for a first time meeting someone who you’re trying to get to live with you don’t you think? He then went on to say how he only wanted female housemates as he gets on better with women and prefers female company…which is fair enough I guess as I prefer the company of men. Paul then apologised for getting emotional and went on to tell me about what it’s like living there like house rules etc, and he said that one night a week they have a movie night together in the cinema room and take turns in choosing the film…which seemed sweet but when he said “every week without fail” it kinda made it sound more like a chore! He then mentioned the downstairs bedroom, and that it belonged to his sons nanny (he used the posh word for it that I have no idea how to spell, it sounds French but it’s basically a nanny and housemaid) and that she was leaving soon as her visa wasn’t valid anymore seeing as there was no child for her to look after therefore rendering her jobless or something along those lines, and that if I preferred I could wait and have her room instead with it’s own bathroom…though he couldn’t show me the room as she wasn’t home and he wasn’t gonna go snooping round her room while she was out which is good and perfectly understandable. 

When I went to view this house, I was expecting to be in and out of there in about half hour at most…I had been there most of the evening! In all honesty, I think that Paul was quite possibly a bit lonely and just enjoyed having someone to chat to. When we both realised what the time was and how dark it had got, Paul asked how I was getting back to the place I was staying- when I said I was walking he insisted on giving me a lift because it was pitch black outside. So he drove me to the petrol station near to my aunties house where I was staying that night. We then sat in his car for ages talking again, and he was showing me all different features his car had like heated seats and his music system etc. It was obvious that this guy had a lot of money, I mean not everyone can afford to have a cinema room and a rather posh car! Paul said to me that he really hoped I decide to live with him, as he’d ‘look after’ me and ‘keep me safe’ as well as having a laugh and someone to chat to…pretty odd thing to say to someone you’ve just met really. 

A few days later I text him to say I wouldn’t be moving in- for a start I like my own space, and he came across as someone that wanted us all together every day etc which didn’t appeal to me, especially when he had mentioned how they take turns in making meals for each other and on Sundays they cook together. Secondly, the amount of money he was charging for a piddly single box room was ridiculous! He was asking for about £750 a month for it! I don’t even pay that much now for my 2 bedroom house! He text me back saying he was so sad that I wouldn’t be joining him in his house, and that it’d be hard to find another housemate as lovely as me but that he wished me all the best. Then I haven’t heard from him since. 


Little random kinda pointless story for you, but thought I’d share it as it came into my head earlier randomly!

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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