Driving lesson number 9

This most might be quite short as I’m absolutely shattered and in a fair bit of pain.

Had a 3 hour lesson today after a week break…and today my challenge was roundabouts. Surprisingly the roundabout I found the easiest was the one that is currently being build so it’s covered in cones etc. Didn’t do too badly with them, though I was so panicky I don’t think I breathed through most of it! 

We then went on to do a couple turns in the road, and a couple hill starts. Almost there with it I just gotta improve my clutch control a bit more. 

I did ‘kangaroo hop’ a few times today but that’s because of panicking and not really knowing the road very well, but I got there eventually. 

I still need to work on my confidence with speed and moving up and down the gears, but I am making good progress according to my instructor so can’t be doing too bad! 

Next week we’re back to a 2 hour lesson again which I’m quite glad about as even though it’s good getting a lot of drive time, it is absolutely killing my ankles and makes my left foot swell up afterwards which isn’t nice. (Joys of having deformed feet!) 

Anyway, I’m off to try stretch out my legs and feet, and try to stay awake! 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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