Mums birthday presents 

My mums 43rd birthday is on Saturday, but as we’re not going to see her at the weekend we celebrated her birthday yesterday when she was here for the night. 

I bought her a lemon cheesecake from Asda for £2 as it’s her favourite kind of cake to have, I usually make her one but I couldn’t get hold of any cheesecake mixes. 

Here’s the photos of the presents I got her from myself and my daughter. I can’t remember exact prices and I can’t be bothered to go through and try and find out, but I’ll give a rough price and where I got it from. 

Between the two cards (both from Card Factory for under £2) is a small owl cool bag, I bought this from Amazon for around £2 for my mum to use as a small crochet bag because she loves owls. 

From left to right: owl notebook £2 from The Works, Flutter hand cream £1 each from Superdrug, nail varnish £2 from Superdrug, Flutter lip balm £1 from Superdrug, Hairy Coos Bailey ornament from I paid £9 as I had a discount code but it’s usual price is £13, Bradley Walsh CD from Amazon for £6, owl notebook £2 from The Works, and a Hama Bead picture I made of the symbol for Sirius The Dog Star with the letter A under it for mums dog who passed away called Alfie. 

Here’s a close up pic of the ornament because he’s rather cute: 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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