She’s home! 

I am so relieved. My Nan has finally been discharged from hospital today! 

She was going to have an MRI scan done today but they couldn’t fit her in and the doctor said that she didn’t have to have the scan today she could have it done at another time so I think she’s having that in a few weeks just to check how everything with her pancreas is. 

They think that the issue was caused by the medication she takes for her rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis, as she’s been on it for so many years and it can cause damage to different organs etc. So they’ve now taken her off of her medication such as Methatrexate and a few others that could be the cause to see how she does without it all but she’s still being monitored with doctor appointments at her GP surgery etc so it’s not like they’ve just let her out and forgotten about her. 

My Nan is so glad to be home. She sounded tired on the phone but that’s understandable! She was telling me how the isolation room she was put in was so filthy and depressing; the walls were grimey, it was freezing cold, window didn’t open, blind had slats missing, there was no heating on, and even though my Nan had a few accidents on the floor and herself, they just wiped up the mess they didn’t actually clean it thoroughly like they should do especially in an isolation room. And when she had mess on her legs and feet they didn’t take her into the shower or even bed bath her they just wiped it :/ so that’s not great, and her room wasn’t actually cleaned once while she was there and she’d been there a week. When she was allowed to eat (she was nil by mouth at first) she couldn’t stomach any of the food as it was absolutely vile…now my Nan isn’t a snob or anything she’ll eat almost anything but she said even the look of the hospital food was off putting, so bless her heart she’s not been able to really eat anything. She did say the staff looking after her were lovely though especially two of the nurses who would pop in to see her when they could. So apart from bad food and a horrible room atleast the staff looked after her well. 

Nan told me that while she was in hospital, she kept thinking of my friend Andrew who passed away last year- because he was constantly in and out of hospital, and she just kept thinking of how awful it would of been for him having to put up with horrible food etc. 

She was really happy to hear my daughter on the phone too. Usually we video chat on Skype every day but obviously haven’t been able to and my daughter has been asking every day to talk to her grandma so that cheered them both up. I coulda cried with how happy my daughter looked hearing her grandma on the phone. 

Nan was gonna make herself a cuppa soup, watch the rest of a tv program then go to bed with her radio on after talking to us on the phone. I think the one thing she’s really looking forward to is having a nice hot bath in her lovely warm flat in the morning, as well as being able to eat nice food and have a cuppa whenever she wants, and just generally be comfy and warm. 

So relieved she’s home. And even though her isolation room and food wasn’t the greatest of standards, I’m really thankful for the NHS and their staff who looked after my Nan this past week, especially the one nurse who would pop in as she went past and when on her break that even gave her a spritz of perfume after showering her to try and cheer her up a bit. 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


One thought on “She’s home! 

  1. I am so glad that your grandmother is home and feeling better. She sounds like a very classy lady and you must be so privileged to her granddaughter. I loved my nanny and I miss her very much. A hospital can be a horrible environment, especially when you are ill and not allowed to eat! However the nursing staff sound amazing and it really can be the small things that make a patient feel like themselves again. Always here- Amy

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