Immeamy Advice Time 2

I thought I’d come up with a list of items that expecting mothers could pack in their hospital bag ready for when they go into hospital to give birth. 

Like my last advice post, I will state I am not an expert this is just my opinion from my own experience, and seeing as I’m a mum myself I thought I’d share what I took in my hospital bag to give birth to my daughter. 


Let’s start with what you need for YOU:

Pregnancy Notes

I always kept my pregnancy notes in the bag once I had packed it, if I needed them for appointments I’d put them straight back in again so that I didn’t forget them. It’s really important you remember your notes so that the midwife etc can read through and care for you according to your notes.

Comfortable Underwear 

The bigger the better! I’m talking proper Bridget Jones style that gently holds you together to make you feel like your tummy is being cuddled. 

Sanitary Towels

After having a baby, you’re likely to have a period to kinda clear out your insides (gross I know sorry), and I found that I bled quite heavy so make sure you have plenty of heavy duty sanitary towels. Your big comfy underwear will help keep them all in place. Don’t use a tampon, as in all honesty for a while you can’t feel much down there so it’s just better to use pads instead, especially if like myself you had to have stitches. 

Breast Pads

Personally I didn’t use these as I didn’t produce enough milk to leak, but they can come in handy just incase. 

Comfortable Sleep Wear

I found that baggy nighties were best, they were easy access for midwives doing any checks on my stomach or my stitches, and it just meant there was no waist band digging in to me while I was in bed. Take a couple with you just incase you get any birthing guck or leaking sanitary towels. I was kept in hospital two nights whereas some mums can go home within hours of giving birth or end up staying longer it all depends on the individual and their baby. 

Going Home Clothes

I had my baby in July so it was pretty warm, I wore a long maxi dress to come home in so that I didn’t feel restricted or get too hot. 

Slippers/Flip Flops

My feet swelled up stupid amounts during pregnancy, for the last couple of months the only shoes I could just about fit in was flip flops. Make sure you take some comfy footwear like slippers with you to save you walking round the hospital ward bare foot. 


I didn’t bother taking makeup with me, giving birth can make you all sweaty and gross so makeup was the least of my worries. I did however take deodorant, a body spray, baby wipes, toothbrush and toothpaste,  hairbrush, hair bands, shower gel and a flannel. I think I took a small towel too but the hospital did provide me with a couple large ones. 

Electronics and Entertainment 

Make sure you pack a phone charger in your bag, if you’re being kept in hospital then you really don’t want your phone dying as it can be pretty mind numbing in hospital. A magazine, puzzle book, reading book, or even something like some crochet if that’s what you can be handy to pack for when your baby is asleep and you maybe can’t doze off (I barely slept in hospital). If you have one, then take a camera with you or use your camera phone to take photos of your newborn, the hospital offered a paid service for some photos to be taken but they are very over priced. 

Change, Food, Drinks

Try and make sure you take some change with you so that you can send your family to the vending machines for any chocolate etc. I would highly advise you to take in your own food or get family to bring in food for you as to be honest, hospital food isn’t great! (My first meal was macaroni cheese, which consisted of 10 pieces of pasta, and a sandwich I had was warm and soggy) just don’t take in smelly food, when I was in hospital a lady in the bed across from me had her family bringing in meals and the smell of it turned my stomach and made the whole ward stink, so just be courteous of others you’re sharing the space with. 

Dirty Clothes Bag

I put just a normal plastic carrier bag in my hospital bag where I could put any dirty underwear or baby clothes in to keep them separate from anything else in the bag. I actually do that whenever I go away I always have a dirty clothes carrier.


For Baby…

The hospital I was in supplied baby formula milk for me, but not all hospitals do so if you are planning on formula feeding or even if you’re not just take some with you just incase.

 The hospital also supplied me with a few nappies when my daughter was born, but I did get my mum to bring a pack up once we knew what size she’d need. 

Baby wipes aren’t just handy for freshening yourself up, but you obviously need them for changing babies nappy too! 

Blankets- the hospital gave me a blanket to use for my daughter when she was born, but I took in a crochet shawl my mum made to bring her home in. Even if the weather is hot when you’ve had a baby, you need to remember they will feel the cold easier being a newborn so will still need to be wrapped up. 

First outfit- I took a hat, vest, and baby grow for my daughter to be put in when she was born to keep her warm and cosy. She did have scratch mits on for a while but she eventually just kept pulling them off and chewing them so I gave up! 

Baby clothes- it’s worth taking a few outfits with you for your baby, as they can be messy little buggers and if they get a bit of milky puke on their clothes, you’re gonna want to change them as that stuff STINKS. Muslin squares or bibs are handy to take too for feeding times.

Car seat- fairly self explanatory. To take a baby home in a car you need a suitable car seat for them. If you’re walking home or going by bus then you can obviously just use a buggy for them. 


I hope this has been helpful to any expecting parents. These are just the very basics that I personally took with me to hospital, and it all fit in one bag- I saw some people coming in with multiple suitcases! It’s all personal to the individual at the end of the day. 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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