Chatty Tuesday 

Alright readers how are you all doing I hope you’re well 🙂 I’ve not been too great the past two days, my IBS seems to be having a bad flare up and making me bloated and sick so that’s not fun! Though it does stop me eating so much crap I guess in fear of it making me feel worse! 


I have some really strange and random conversations with people sometimes, that just come totally out of the blue and you have no idea how you got onto the subject. The other day was one of those days! I was chatting to someone and the subject of our sex lifes (or lack of), and talking about our first time and whether we remember it etc. It made me realise that even though I do remember who my first time was with (by full name too might I add lol) I don’t actually remember anything about it, but I remember every detail of the second person I slept with a few years later…first time was at the guys house, and I’d been kinda seeing him for a while, so it wasn’t some random person or anything. I just can’t for the life of me remember the lead up to it, the ‘performance’, or just any details at all! I just know it happened haha! Whereas my second time was in a Premier Inn or Travel Lodge in Bournemouth, and I remember EVERYTHING about it…even down to knowing that football was the TV at the time and what drinks we had…and the fact it hurt even the next day (tmi I know, but we’re all grown ups here right?). I don’t actually think any of my friends know about those two guys…not even Sof who was part of the ‘group’ at the time of the first one (Sof if you’re reading you’ll have to whatsapp me and see if you can guess right haha! Especially as I have a funny feeling we have him in common! Which sounds so bad! Oops!). That was probably far too much to share on an online blog, but hey I don’t care I’m an adult I can talk about these things with no embarrassment…unless it’s with my mum who I seriously hope doesn’t read my blog haha! 



I’ve been feeling kinda lonely the past few days, I appear to have gone back to not having many people to chat to again for various reasons whether they’ve just stopped talking or have a reason like work etc. I dunno, I just guess this month I’m feeling sorta needy in a sense with it coming up to the one year anniversary of Andrew passing away, and I guess I just want people around to make me feel less alone and distract me a bit. Maybe that’s me being selfish? 


So tomorrow my mum is coming over as normal, then Thursday I have a driving lesson, only a 2 hour one this week though luckily which I’m glad about especially as I’m not feeling 100% at the moment. 

I told my mum last night I was in need of a full length mirror as I don’t have one, so wanted a wall mounted one that I could cover up when not in use (I have a fear of mirrors ‘looking at me’ when I’m not using them to do my makeup or check an outfit etc, I know I’m odd but it’s a genuine fear that really gets to me if a mirror is uncovered). So my mum has actually painted a mirror she had in storage for me to use! And she’s made a ‘curtain’ for it to be covered when not in use. I’ll take photos of it once it’s here and include it in a different post maybe going into more detail as to why I have that fear. 


Just a quick chatty Tuesday today I’m afraid as there’s not really anything else I’ve got to chat about! I’m so boring I apologise lol. I hope everyone has a good week! 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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