Chatty Tuesday

Good morning! This makes a change to be blogging at just gone 8am! I usually blog in the afternoon or evening but here we are! 

I’m currently feeling pretty chilled out; I’ve got my iced Mocha which is a surprise to me that I like it because I don’t like coffee, but it appears I like the chocolate and the caramel flavoured iced coffees! My daughter is playing nicely, and Everybody Loves Raymond is on TV with Frasier to follow. That’s my definition of a chilled out morning!

I have come to realise that I don’t have many heat friendly clothes…the past few days here in the uk we seem to be having a bit of a heatwave, but I only have 1 pair of quarter length leggings, and 1 pair of quarter length jeans. I do have a load of vest tops, but I won’t wear them in public without anything over them as I hate my stomach. I have however managed to find 2 dresses I wore when I was pregnant, which are nice and comfy as they’re long and not clingy. This morning though it has started off pretty warm, so I’ve hoisted my dress up and tied it with a hair band to make it shorter to air my legs a bit! Super fashionable haha!

I haven’t bothered to put makeup on today; I’m not going anywhere or seeing anyone so I’m letting my face breathe today! I’d only end up sweating it off anyway if it gets much hotter (which I’m sure it’s supposed to!). Also scraped my hair up into a Croydon Facelift (tight high ponytail for anyone that hasn’t heard that term) so that’s another sign I’m not going out in public today haha! My daughter is happy she gets to spend the day just in her nappy…atleast that means I have less washing to do! Win win! She keeps telling me she’s happy and doing a little wiggle bless her. She’s now decided to sit next to me on the sofa and watch YouTube on the tablet…before I had her I bought myself a fairly decent Lenovo Yoga tablet, but she’s figured out how to use it so now it’s pretty much hers! It’s amazing how a 2 year old can work out not only how to turn it on, but find YouTube and scroll through videos til she finds one she wants. She even knows how to skip the adverts! Only time she asks for help is if she wants to watch something specific but can’t find it, like funny cat videos. Her favourite thing to watch at the moment is NumberJacks and Steve And Maggie- Steve and Maggie is actually pretty good for teaching her stuff and they use sign language too. She doesn’t sit glued to the tablet all day, I wouldn’t let her do that. She just picks it up when she feels like relaxing for a bit. Same as with the TV, I don’t keep kids cartoons on all day, usually she has her shows on from about 4pm til 7pm, but even then she doesn’t just sit glued to the tv she still plays and chats etc. Though if there is absolutely nothing on TV I wanna watch I will just put cartoons on for background noise and movement as neither of us can just sit in a silent room it drives us both insane! 


I’m seriously hoping the weather cools down a bit on Thursday, I have a 3 hour driving lesson and I don’t fancy melting in a car for that long! Also the sun kills my eyes while driving! 


So I think it’s tomorrow my friend starts chemotherapy. I’m sure she’ll be ok as she’s having it in tablet form so it’s not majorly aggressive, but it does still worry me obviously as I hate the thought of anyone being ill. I wish I could go with her for support, but it’s not at all possible unfortunately. I’m hoping she will message me to let me know how she is, and knows that I’m here for her. Go kick ass lady, you’ll be ok you’re a tough cookie even though you are a clumsy shit! 


I ordered myself a charity wrist band last night, I had one years ago but it was too big and I ended up losing it so now I’ve ordered a small size. It’s for the S.O.P.H.I.E Foundation. I will be doing a blog post about the foundation once I’ve received my wrist band for anyone who hasn’t heard of it. But it’s a charity very close to my heart. 


Well tomorrow is Wednesday so my mum will be coming over, if it’s not too hot we’ll take my daughter to the park again like last week, so fingers crossed it won’t be as humid and sticky tomorrow! Then as far as I know Mackenzie is still coming to stay on Saturday night and go back Sunday, if his legs aren’t too fucked from doing a charity bike ride from Brighton to London last Sunday. We’ll see! 


Well, I’m going to finish my mocha, enjoy the next 2 Frasier episodes then watch last nights Fearless episode I recorded. Have a good day everyone, if it’s hot where you are please be sensible, stay hydrated and if you’re going to be in the sun then please wear sun cream, sun burn is not big or clever! 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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