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I recently saw this post on someone else’s blog, I think her name is Lauren Farley if I remember correctly, and because I adore Disney and grew up watching the classics, I thought it’d be a nice little quiz thing to do for a distraction of not feeling too great. So here it is! 
Favourite Film? Beauty And The Beast has always been my favourite, when I was little I’d get really emotional near the end when Beast ‘dies’, I’d softly say “beast” and be all teary eyed then be cheering when he transformed into Prince Adam(it still makes me cry now).Though I was also obsessed with Basil The Great Mouse Detective at one point too.

Favourite Princess? I don’t have a favourite Princess, but my favourite Females are Belle(loads call her a princess but she wasn’t), Esmeralda, and Pocahontas. 

Favourite Prince? Prince Adam (beauty and the beast) and Prince Eric from little mermaid.

Favourite Sidekick? I can’t choose! I love Timone And Pumba, Abu, Zazu, Flounder, Iago…I love most of them haha! 

Favourite Song? God Help The Outcasts from Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Colours Of The Wind from Pocahontas, Make A Man Out Of You from Mulan, Something There That Wasn’t There Before from Beauty And The Beast (think that’s what it’s called). All Disney songs are great though.

Who would be your pet? Abu from Aladdin because I love monkeys and he’s so loyal to Aladdin.

Have you ever been to Disney world/land? No I haven’t, I wish there was one in the UK though I’ve got no desire to travel to Paris or America. 

Favourite Villain? Ursula from little mermaid, Scar from Lion King, and Hedes from Hercules. 

Favourite couple? Belle and Beast, though friendship wise it’s gotta be Timone And Pumba.

Who would be your alter ego? I think either Belle or Esmeralda because they’re both caring and don’t judge someone for how they look which is the same as me. 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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