Music Tag Questions 

Last song you listened to? I will not say goodbye by Danny Gokey 

Last song you purchased? I don’t download songs but the last album I purchased was Ed Sheeran as a Father’s Day present to my stepdad 

Song you discovered on YouTube? I’m always discovering new songs it’s hard to name any haha 

Favourite movie soundtrack? Anything Disney, but I also love the Pirates Of The Caribbean soundtrack 

Favourite band? Oh god I don’t know! Steps, We Are The Fallen, Lordi, I can’t choose my music taste is all over the place

Favourite solo artist? David Bowie 

Favourite album? Can’t pick an album there’s so many I love 

Best live gig or act you went to see? City And Colour, they’re the only ‘proper gig’ I’ve been too, but I enjoyed going to a lot of local gigs with friends bands playing.

Guilty pleasure song? Probably anything by Steps I guess, everyone is always really shocked when I say I like old cheesy pop bands lol 

Song you used to hate but now love? I Wish I Was A Punkrocker (with flowers in my hair)

Song you used to love but can’t stand now? Sacrifice by Creed. A certain person ruined that song for me.

Band you wish had never split? I don’t know really if I’m honest

Favourite song from a movie? There’s too many to choose from 

Favourite song from an advert? Pampers advert that plays I’m Coming Home, and an old advert that played Adiemus

Song you grew up with? Living Next Door To Alice by Roy Chubby Brown.  But there’s so many others too, that one is just the most random lol 

First song/album you ever bought? Michael Jackson Earth Song single. 

Favourite foreign language song? Siuil A Ruin from Lord Of The Dance which is celtic so kinda ‘foreign’, lion king soundtrack, Sunchyme by Dario G, Sonne by Ramstein, and any Enya songs she sings in Celtic. 

Name a song from the year you were born? Fields Of Gold- Sting (1993)

Song you can’t help but sing along too? Every song. I’m one of those annoying people who can learn lyrics super quick 

Favourite song at the moment? Bartender by James Blunt. 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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