Weekend chat

Afternoon. Hope you’re all well. Thought I’d do a little chatty post to distract me from feeling so shite and because I’m knackered but can’t get comfy enough to join my daughter for a nap! My brain isn’t working enough to do my assessment so thought I’d just ramble on here instead. 

My friend Mackenzie was supposed to be visiting today, but we’ve had to change plans as I haven’t been well, and even though my stomach is calming down, I now have a cold/flu type thing I think from being run down and because of the heat we’ve had recently (heat always makes me ill) so yeah safe to say I’m not 100% at the moment! 


Today I thought that I’d dose myself up with painkillers etc, do my hair and makeup, and take my daughter into the village for the local fete thingy they do every year to get her out for a bit. It was pissing it down with rain, and I got a bit upset walking home as there were a few things from stalls I wanted to get for her and I was going to get myself a burger but I just couldn’t afford any more than what I had bought (I’ve been getting really down about money lately from having to pay for driving lessons, I haven’t got my daughter even half as many birthday presents as I planned to get her, I need a new microwave but can’t afford it…I’m just getting upset about it all which is stressing me out and making me feel awful). I did manage to get her 3 things though with the change in my purse: 

First is a little lion that roars, which was £2.50 but the money goes straight to a charity that helps look after horses.

Second is a toy story felt colouring board for £1.50- I wanted to get my daughter a few of these as they’re great I loved them as a kid, but I didn’t have enough money so I just got her this one as she loves toy story 

And lastly I got her this cuddly toy of a character from the Ice Age films for £2. My daughter saw it and was begging for this particular one, and luckily I had enough shrapnel to get it for her…she cuddled him the whole way home 

There was a big blow up bouncy slide thing, and my daughter really wanted to go on it, but for a start I had no money left and secondly she’s too little to go on something that big…when I told her this she replied with “no I big mummy, please please please mummy please”, broke my heart bless her. 

Here’s a few photos from the parade thing they done in the village 


We came home and not long after a parcel arrived…the other week on Facebook The Works had a giveaway thing where you just had to like the post to be entered…I accidentally liked the post but yesterday I was told I had won! It’s a set of 3 books about anatomy…I’m going to keep the larger book, my mum is having the yoga one but I have no idea what to do with the body building one haha! 


Well I think I’m gonna watch Crystal Maze (though I don’t like the new presenter) and then pray my bread hasn’t gone mouldy and that my bacon has defrosted! Otherwise I have no idea what ima have for dinner. 


I need to remember that tomorrow I have someone coming to pick up my daughters old car seat that I’ve managed to sell to a local…fingers crossed they turn up, but also means I need to look at least half human tomorrow haha! 


Hope you all have a good weekend. I’ve got two quiz things planned to answer and post on here so may post them over the weekend. 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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