Let’s talk about bullying

I’ve seen today that This Morning are doing a phone in about bullying. I’m not sure I’ll watch it as every time they’ve done this discussion it’s made me angry. But, I thought I’d do a post about it. 
The main thing that annoys and angers me, is when people say that bullies only bully because they’ve had a bad childhood etc…this is complete bullshit. Some people are just naturally nasty individuals that have it as a personality trait and will bully people to have a sense of power and to feel higher ranked than others, or just because they find it hilarious to make other people unhappy. People need to stop giving bullies excuses as to why they bully, as all you’re doing is justifying their behaviour and I’m sorry but there’s no justification to bullying someone. 

Cyber bullying/online bullying. This one has always baffled me; every social media platform whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or even WordPress has features which allow you to either monitor what goes on your page before it’s posted (on here for example I have to approve comments before they’re posted), there’s a block feature, and in settings you can set profiles to private so that only select people can see what you post. So I’ve never understood why or how cyber bullying has become such a big thing when it’s easy enough to block people and privatise your profiles or even individual posts. 

Children with social media need to be taught on how to be safe online and the dangers of it- when I was a young teenager with Bebo, MySpace, and VampireFreaks my mum never had my passwords or checked my profiles etc, and I never once had any issues as I used my initiative and would block anyone who was nasty or appeared creepy etc, and that was without my mum even telling me the dangers of the internet, it just made sense to me to stop unwanted people from contacting me. Also, don’t put things like location, or contact details on social media like your mobile number…just use common sense and protect yourself a bit! 

At the end of the day, bullying is difficult to control, however I do not believe enough is done to try and stop the bullies and support the victims, I’ve seen this first hand from when I was at school and bullied. Every teacher should have training on how to spot bullying and how to support the victims and deal with the bullies, and students of every age in schools need to be taught every week not just on the bullying awareness weeks about what is classed as bullying and how to treat each other etc. Free Counsellors for the children should also be available in the school for them to talk to in confidence about what is going on. Bullying can also happen in the work place as adults too, so again I think there needs to be proper training given, free counselling offered, and more support given to the victims with appropriate actions taken against the bullies. I also believe that the police should take bullying cases more seriously, and even go into schools and work places to do talks about it. 

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13 thoughts on “Let’s talk about bullying

  1. Thanks for your post Amy. It’s funny that you posted on the subject of Bullying when I had just experienced my first ever taste of cycled bullying. Someone posted on my blog laughing at my posts on self harm- I said thank you- they then lift their initials and deleted the account. It didn’t upset me at all it just made me feel like I was famous! However I can imagine that upsetting someone who isn’t as strong as I am now. Bullies are horrible. I was bullied all my life. I then started fighting back and I’m a crazy tough bitch now πŸ™‚ x


  2. Amy, I’m trying to like and follow as many posts about bullying as I can. You have written this beautifully. I’m still fighting the effects of being bullied when I was at school over 30 years ago. The Sophie Lancaster story was just heartbreaking.
    Now I’m in a better place I really want to help tackle bullying, at least by supporting lovely people like yourself.
    Yes – some people are just nasty and I don’t accept the excuses made for them either.

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    • Well thank you for the follow, I’ve got some other posts about bullying planned so hopefully you’ll like them too. I’m sorry you’re still fighting the effects but I’m glad you’re in a better place. I’ll give you a follow back πŸ™‚

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