Saturday night ramblings

Yep you guessed it, I can’t sleep again so here I am talking to myself on my blog! You’re welcome!


I was sat downstairs watching The Voice Kids UK, but my daughter asked to go to bed so that’s what we did! That is however, after about a 20 min battle of trying to calm her down and getting her to leave the sofa…what usually happens, is I turn the tv off then she goes and turns the big light on so I can turn the lamp off, then she gathers a load of toys she wants to take upstairs and off we go. Tonight however, she suddenly starts crying and shaking her head when I ask her to put the light on “no mummy I scared”, scared of what I ask, “ghost. Dead ghost I scared”. For a start, where has she learned the term ‘dead’, and secondly…what the fuck?! Was pretty creepy, it’s not the first time she’s done this either. I kept on explaining to her that ghosts are nice and happy and nothing to be scared of, but she wasn’t totally convinced. She did eventually move and grab a load of stuff to take upstairs with her, but she also kept talking about the ghost through snot and tears. Think she’s got a sixth sense…freaks me out when she does that! But she soon calmed down once in bed and watched an episode of Numberjacks before falling asleep. Strange child! 


I desperately wanted to have a relaxing bath tonight, thinking that my daughter would fall asleep on the sofa early so that I could run up, get the bath filled up then put her in bed so I could relax and boil myself in the bath with a new bubble bath my mum got me which smells amazing as it’s marshmallow scented! But no, I’ll have to wait for another time to have a relaxing bath as if I run it now it’ll wake my daughter up because she’s upstairs and my taps are so noisy. I just want to smell like a giant marshmallow!!! 


I had a pretty productive day today, I finished writing up my second assessment for my distance learning course so that’s all ready to post off, and I done 2 loads of washing…not bad for a Saturday! I have however appeared to have lost my appetite…I just didn’t fancy anything at dinner time so had two slices of toast one with strawberry jam and one with just butter…though now I feel hungry and really fancy some chicken! Tough luck stomach I’m in bed and staying in bed! 


Do you ever surprise yourself? Like with your abilities or knowledge? Last night my Nan was messaging me as she wasn’t feeling well (she’s still recovering from pancreatitis) asking me what to do; I told her to leave her bedside table lamp on dim so that if she did need to get up to be sick she wouldn’t have to adjust her eyes to the light too much, to wear her SOS buzzer thing just incase, take a bucket and some water in with her along with sipping ginger ale, and to focus her mind on her breathing to take her mind off of feeling unwell enabling her to sleep…when I spoke to her this afternoon she thanked me as she done everything I had said and she managed to sleep a solid 6 hours without waking up to be sick or anything. She always comes to me when she’s feeling unwell or if she’s feeling anxious etc as she said I’m always right in whatever I say to her (if she goes to the dr they end up diagnosing exactly what I had said to her, I always joke saying I could be a doctor!) though I do sometimes amaze myself at how good I am at caring for people even when I’m not physically there…a few months back for example I really helped reduce her feeling of anxiety simply by talking to her about it and explaining what it was and why she felt how she did. We both agreed today that if I was a doctor or a nurse that I’d be a mixture of Patch Adams and Florence Nightingale lol. I think myself and others often underestimate my knowledge when it comes to caring for people/mental health/medical issues. I’m not as stupid as I may seem! 


Anyway, I would love to ramble on a bit more but my battery is low and I left my charger downstairs! First world problems haha! So I’m gonna attempt to get comfy and stop trying to convince myself that the bath running won’t wake my daughter up because I know it will! 


I have said recently, but can anyone reading please gimme some ideas and suggestions of what to write about? Or random questions you want me to answer…anything! I keep getting writers block and I’d rather chuck in some posts that I know people will find interesting rather than just rambling away to myself! 

πŸ”Ήimmeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to beπŸ”Ή


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