Body modifications

I’ve just watched a program on channel 5 called Pierced,Painted And Proud which had a selection of heavily modified people starring in it. Now I myself am heavily tattooed, and at one point I did have almost 30 piercings altogether though now I only have 12, so I have nothing at all against body modification…however, there are some things I wouldn’t personally get, or some I don’t like seeing, and some things regarding body modification that I do not agree with. 

Let’s start with what I don’t agree with:

Low age restrictions

I used to work as a supervisor in a shop called Claire’s Accessories who also do ear piercing of the lobes and part of cartilage. For a start, my training was awful, I learnt how to pierce by piercing a piece of cardboard with a picture of an ear on it, after doing the paper exam stuff about it, I then had to pierce 2 ear lobes and 3 cartilages to be able to be a certified ear piercer…I done 1 of each yet they passed me to get it done quicker as they needed more staff that could pierce ears. Anyway, we were told that for cartilage piercings you had to be 14 with an adult, and lobe piercings were from the age of babies that have had their 3 jabs…I do not agree with babies being allowed to have their ears pierced, in my opinion it is abuse as that baby hasn’t said “mummy can I have my ears pierced please”. And whoever says piercings don’t hurt is a liar, especially when using the piercing guns Claire’s Accessories used as it is just brute force shattering through your ear. I personally think that the age restriction needs to be risen so that only children who can ask for piercings and understand how to look after them can have it done. Piercings leave scars, if your child decides they don’t want those earrings you forced them to have (because it is forcing, you made the choice for them and they can’t say no as babies) then they’re left with the scar. Also, if it’s not placed correctly, when your child gets bigger and obviously they’re ears grow, the piercing will end up being in the wrong place. Just wait until they’re old enough to ask and look after piercings themselves, babies aren’t a fashion accessory or doll! You have no right to mutilate a babies ear with a piercing. 

Use of piercing guns

Again, at Claire’s Accessories they used piercing guns instead of needles. For a start, I don’t think it’s the most hygienic of things to use, as all we were told to do was use an alcohol wipe on the gun before and after piercing someone, there was no sterilising etc. Piercing guns can get stuck and result in a hospital visit; luckily this never happened to me when piercing but it happened to a colleague…the kid had to be taken away in an ambulance because they couldn’t remove the piercing gun from the kids ear. Also, piercing guns hurt more than using a needle; this is because it’s using brute force to smash an earring through your ear, whereas piercing needles make a cleaner hole where they are sharper than the earring, and therefore it goes through quicker and not as painful. 

Body modifications I personally don’t like/wouldn’t get

The first has got to be eyeball tattoos…I just don’t understand how that’s legal to do and how it can be safe. There’s not enough research to even prove if it’s safe or not! If you wanna change your eye colour buy some contact lenses! 

Scarification and branding doesn’t appeal to me at all…they’re high risk of getting infected, and they never heal as ‘nice’ as they look when they’ve first been done as everyone scars differently. 

Implants: now I don’t mind these on other people, but I just personally wouldn’t want them done as I don’t like the idea of them on me personally…I mean even the contraceptive implant freaks me out so there’s no way I’d get a body mod one 😂 

Massively stretched ears: now I myself stretched my ear to 6mm and that was enough for me, I can not stand the massive dangly stretched ears on anyone though! There’s some people with slightly large stretchers/plugs that look ok, but there are some that just look awful especially when they’ve stretched so big that they can’t wear jewellery in them in fear of their ear splitting. And stretched ears STINK if you don’t keep them clean…and even if you clean them every day like I did with mine, there is still a really rank smell on them. 

Tongue splitting: this one is something I wanted for years but I’ve never had the bollox to get it done and I never will if I’m honest. Though it does facinate me seeing people move their split tongue, part of me has always wanted to kiss someone that has a split tongue to see what it’s like haha! 

Genital piercings: for me personally, I don’t see the point especially for women as you can’t really see it without getting a mirror etc…I just don’t understand why you’d want those parts pierced! With men I can understand it more to an extent because they can see the piercing without having to fuck about with mirrors…a lot of people claim that genital piercings make sex feel better…I have slept with one guy who had a genital piercing, and it wasn’t great mainly because I was worried his piercing would get stuck on summit or that it’d come out during…so yeah I can’t say having sex with someone that has a genital piercing makes it better, at least it didn’t for me anyway! (Shame really as I seriously liked this guy haha!) 

Face tattoos: one of my exs had his face tattooed and it suited him, same as I know of other people with nice face tattoos that suit them such as Baz Black or two youtubers Emily Boo and Raven who both have smaller designs on their faces. What I can’t stand seeing is people trying to get the ‘prison tattoo’ look of a tear drop without knowing the real meaning behind it just to try and look hard, or that go completely over board with them as I like to see people’s faces when I speak to them…that’s not saying that I wouldn’t talk to someone with these tattoos I’m not a dickhead, I just personally don’t like them and wouldn’t be physically attracted to anyone with it. 

Blackout tattoos: this one seems to be a more recent thing that’s been making an appearance, people literally just getting their arm coloured in black. I just don’t see the point it’s not artistic at all…the only time I can understand it, is when they are waiting for it to heal to get white work done over it as that can look pretty cool. But I’ve seen some people just have a black sleeve and no intention of putting white work over it. Just seems a waste of ink and skin to me! 

Dermals and surface piercings: years ago I wanted to have various dermals in my hips and chest, but I decided against it when I watched how it is done and learnt that they usually have to be cut out to remove them! I do think they look pretty though but they are known for not lasting long. Surface piercings I’m not as keen on, especially the anti eyebrow…to me that just looks bloody ridiculous and it leaves a scar when it’s removed which doesn’t look great. Again just my opinion! 

Removing body parts: on this tv show I watched there was a girl who cut off her own little finger just for the sake of it as another body mod. I just don’t understand why anyone would want to do that to themselves! 


Like I said I’m not a dickhead I couldn’t care what body mods a person has if they’re a nice person I’ll happily talk to them and be their friend, I just maybe wouldn’t date them if they had a mod I didn’t like! Which is fair enough we all have our preferences right! 


What body mods do you have or want to get? 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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