One of those old Facebook note things everyone used to do 

Just found these questions on my old Facebook profile from years ago so thought sod it let’s fill it out and see how differently I answer them now…because as you may have guessed, I can’t sleep! 


Do you cry a lot: not infront of people no I try to compose myself. I do cry easily at films etc though so I guess I do cry quite often. 
Do you make people angry: probably, I’m not a mind reader though you’d have to ask them!

Do you like who you are: as a person yes, I think I’m a pretty decent human being in how much I care for others etc. 

Do you like the cold: not overly no

Do you like the heat: not really in one of those annoying people who freezes in the cold but gets ill in the heat!

Do you like to walk in the rain: I used to, not so much now though as I always have my daughter with me and it’s not as relaxing 

Do you have any one in mind that you want to walk in the rain with: nah I prefer being by myself for those moments 

Do you like expensive things: I can’t afford expensive things and have no sugar daddy to buy my expensive things 😉😂 I’m greatful for whatever I can buy or get given, I don’t need pricey gifts to make me happy.

Do people asking you too many questions in a row bother you: not really no it shows they’re interested

Do you like cameras: i would rather take a photo of myself than pose for a photo as I feel like an idiot posing for others 

Do you like taking pictures: yeah I wish I took more years ago to look back on now 

Do you like looking up at the stars: love it though I don’t get chance to do that now 

Do you like puzzles: yeah haven’t done one in ages though 

How about word searches: again haven’t done one in ages 

Do you like coloring: yes, I have a slight colouring book addiction 

Do you want to move: no I love where I live 

Do you think the one you love is taking you over: I don’t allow anything or anyone to take me over anymore I’m not a pushover like I used to be 

Do you want to die: no not really, the thought of death terrifies me

Do you smoke: nope

Do you drink: not anymore, last alcoholic drink I had was back in September!

Do you like swimming: I can’t swim, but I don’t mind being in a pool with water up to my chest without people splashing me…though you’d never get me in swimwear! 

Do you like the ocean: yeah especially at night

Why: its calming but mysterious and dangerous at the same time 

Do you like funerals: of course I don’t!

Are you morbid: ive been told I am because ive said I would like to work in a funeral home 

Do you know what the word Exodus means? If so explain: I think it’s something like a lot of people departing somewhere 

Do you know what the word Eccentric means? If so explain: unconventional like a person could dress a bit strange and flamboyant which could be seen as eccentric…I’m shit at explaining definitions lol

Do you know what the word Solitude means? If so explain: to be alone somewhere 

Do you think you are smart: I am when it comes to certain subjects yes 

Do you want to go to college: no thank you 

Do you have a job: not yet no but I will be looking once my daughter starts school 

Do you like it: …

Do you get along with your boss: dont have one 

Do you get along with your parents: yeah a lot better than I used to 

Do you have any siblings: nope

Do you get along with them: …

Do you have any animals: does a toddler count? Lol 

Do you believe in magic: yes I do. But not in the sense of card tricks and illusions 

Do you have your own room: yep 

Do you do your own laundry: yeah no one else to do it for me!

Do you want to get married: not particularly no 

Do you want kids: I’ve got one:)

Do you like doing surveys: sometimes, if I’m bored they pass some time I guess!

Do you like clowns: never seen one in real life but they don’t bother me in films 

Do you like cheerleaders: never met one lol 

Do you like preps: if they’re a decent person why not 

Do you like going to the beach: I haven’t been to a beach in years I used to go on late night beach trips just to chill out and escape for a bit 

Do you hear voices: I talk to myself a lot so I guess so yes as everyone has that inner voice 

Do you see dead people: well i believe in ghosts so does that count as a yes?

Do you like to blow bubbles: not bothered really 

Do you like unicorn horns: yes 

Do you like candy apples: yes though they’re awkward to eat 

Do you like cotton candy: hell yes!

Do you enjoy fairs: not been to one in 3 years but I used to like them 

Do you like playing with fire: no fire scares me

Do you like to go to the mall: not really, i hate shopping 

Do you believe in free will?: yes

Where do you see yourself in 2 years?: I have no idea I never plan that far ahead 

Do you follow the rules or make your own?: depends on what I’m doing 

Do you work?:not yet no

Do you like to work?: depends what the job is 

What age do you want kids at?: I was 21 when I gave birth to my daughter 

Do you care about the environment?: yeah though I maybe should make more effort to do the recycling 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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