Driving lesson 13 

Well today I didn’t think I was gonna make my lesson. About 30 mins before my lesson my IBS started playing up, but I dosed up on medication and braved it…I’m so glad I did. 

Today was a 3 hour lesson; we started off with a reverse around a corner which we done 3 times and done pretty well each attempt, I didn’t hit the curb anyway! 

Then we went on to the town we drive in, which meant going on a link road at 60mph which I managed to do really well (I usually drop to 40pmh coz I’m a wuss) then I actually over took someone! Which admittedly terrified me but I did it, and also done another over take on the way home. 

Once in the town, I then attempted parallel parking! Which surprisingly is easier than I expected. Again I had 3 tries and done well on each turn not hitting the curb. 

Then I tried an emergency stop 3 times, the first time I absolutely shit myself at my instructor saying stop, but the next two attempts I was fine and done it perfectly. 

What I need to concentrate on now is roundabouts and my speed once turning off roundabouts as I’m still coming off them a little slow, but I am progressing. I’ll include photos of my progress card below so you can get the kind of idea how I’m doing.

Next week is a 2 hour lesson so I’m not sure what we’ll be doing, but now it’s just a thing of perfecting everything to get all the ticks filled in ready to book a test 🙂 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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