Friday night rant time

Just a warning, this probably makes no sense and will contain colourful language so if you’re offended by swearing stop reading. I’m feeling shit and need to vent out some stuff otherwise it’ll drive me mad lol so here we go! 


You know what really annoys me? When people talk/message you non stop for ages, or when someone claims to like you and makes you feel like there could be a chance with them in the future…then without warning they drop you like a sack of shit! No more messages, yours get read but never replied to yet they can reply to everyone else on Facebook etc and you can see on whatsapp that they’ve been online…just complete radio silence without any reason. This irritates the hell outta me as I hate not having a reason…did I say or something to deserve to be non existent? If so why haven’t I been told? Honesty is extremely important to me, I’m not one that just wants someone to say something to make me happy, I want truth from everyone I speak to; even the classic does my bum look big in this question, if my bum looks big then tell me I’d be more hurt if you lied and let me go out looking awful! 

I just don’t understand how people can just drop others for no reason. If you don’t want to talk to me anymore, have the decency to tell me why and then if you really want block me so I can’t reply, it’s that simple. 

I pride myself on my caring nature, if anyone I know needs help and I’m able to help then I will, even if it is to just listen or advise. Though it seems my caring nature gets taken advantage of as when someone wants something they’ll talk to me, but once they’ve got what they want they sod off again forgetting about me and the help I’ve given them. Yet I’m the idiot who will still be there for them when they come crawling back because I can’t bring myself to be a dickhead. 

As for guys (I’m not being anti male pro female here, I’m straight so my issue is with the males I encounter), why the fuck do they send sweet messages like good morning beautiful and reel a girl in making them think they stand a chance, to then just fuck off? Or, they’ll start off all nice, then try being a bit more ‘x rated’ with the flirting and because you either won’t ‘talk dirty’ back to them (so cringey!), or send photos, or even agree to meet up for some ‘fun’ as they put it, they either get really angry at you, or they just stop talking to you completely. Is no one capable of having a conversation anymore? I’m far more likely to be interested in your hobbies than how many times you wank in a day or what your dick looks like…for the record, ALL dicks are unattractive to me, they’re weird looking no matter what size so I’d rather not have dick pics sent to me…I’d rather get photos of you pulling funny faces or your pet dog.

I came to the realisation yesterday just how long it’s been since I’ve been intimate with anyone, (October 2013 incase you’re wondering) and in all honesty can you blame me with the type of guys I appear to ‘attract’?! I mean, I don’t understand why I seem to get all the cockwombles all the time. I’m in no way ‘slutty’ so I don’t come across as someone who’s gonna jump into bed with anything with a pulse, I have no social life so couldn’t cheat on anyone even if I wanted to (which I wouldn’t anyway I’m not a cheat)…maybe I’m just too boring? Too caring? Maybe I have a sign above my head saying “I fall for people easily, so please go ahead and play with my feelings as if I’m a barbie doll and chuck me back in the toy box when you’ve got bored”. Who knows! What I do know, is that I’m fucking sick to death of people whether in a purely friend situation or a flirty situation, just dropping me with no explanation. I may come across as a strong individual who doesn’t give a shit, but every time I’m ignored or dropped etc, it takes a piece of strength away each time because it does hurt and it does get to me. I don’t message many people first, the way I see it if someone wants to speak to me they’ll initiate the conversation, but I will send the first message every now and again to check how people are because I genuinely care…so to be ignored when I’ve made the effort really gets me.

Don’t fuck with peoples emotions and feelings…it’s just not nice! 


Number 2 on what’s annoyed me lately, and I’m sorry it’s men again haha! I will point out I’m not someone who thinks all men are the same etc, as I’m fully aware there are nice genuine ones out there (just fucking hiding from me apparently haha!). 

Why do men in relationships think it’s ok to message other girls and be all flirty with them? I’m sorry but that’s not attractive it just shows you’re untrustworthy. If you have a wife, girlfriend, whatever, don’t bloody message me calling me all different complimentary names or trying to be flirty or talk dirty to me…if you’re a friend then I’ll humour you to a certain extent, but seriously, you’re in a relationship so concentrate on that rather than trying to chat me up. If you’re unhappy in your relationship, then either work it out or fucking leave! I’ll admit I’ve been the ‘other woman’ before (I’ll do a different post about that) and it’s not something I’m proud of I was stupid and fucking gullible to their lies, it doesn’t make you more of a man to have multiple women on the go, it makes you a total manipulating cunt and let’s face it, who wants to spend their life with someone like that! 


I feel a bit lighter now I’ve offloaded some of my annoyances 😂 this post probably makes no sense, but hey I needed somewhere to shout! I think tomorrow I’ll start thinking of some ‘story time’ posts to do with relationships etc both good and bad as I know I like being nosey and reading others relationship stories so thought sod it I’ll share some of mine! Though I doubt they’ll get as many views and likes as my recent makeup post did! But hey I would get bored just posting about makeup constantly! We like variety here on immeamy, and variety is what ya get! 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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