Relationship Story Time: Karaoke,McDonalds, Late Night Beach Trips & Regrets.

When I was working in a pub, we had a DJ come in to do karaoke who for this post will be named D. 

I’ll admit when I first met D I felt kinda disappointed because I thought he was gay! Turns out I was wrong haha! 

D’s dad often came along to karaoke, and it was then we realised that our families had known each other for years- my mum and his dad went to school together, and my Nan and his grandad were friends. Small world! 

I’m not sure how, but me and D became really close; he’d often take me to get McDonald’s after karaoke, and we’d sit in the car chatting for ages, we went to the beach at silly o’clock at night, and would just always be chatting usually into the early hours of the morning. We did actually end up in a relationship, which is where my regrets come in. 

D was the nicest guy I have ever been with. He was funny, caring, and I believe that he did genuinely love me. He was never nasty to me, didn’t care about what anyone else thought, and was never forceful or after one thing only…he even bought chocolate Creme Eggs to the pub one night just to cheer me up, he was honestly the best boyfriend I’ve ever had…but me being a dickhead I couldn’t see that at the time. 

I’d previously been through a very messy breakup from an awful relationship which D helped me through, and I was paranoid that D would cheat on me or would stop being so nice to me like my ex did, and because of this I was a moody snappy bitch towards him for no reason. 

I dumped D, and after a while he got a new girlfriend which I hated and I told him I still loved him etc…D split with her and we got back together. But yet again I was bloody stupid  and dumped him again. 

I really do even now wish I had never split up with D, like I said he was the best boyfriend I’ve ever had, and I wish I’d of got over my stupidity and realised he was a decent bloke and held on to him. We both wanted the same in life, we both wanted to be happy and have a family in the future, and I honestly believe if we had stayed together we’d more than likely still be together now. But instead, we are both parents like we wished to be, only not with each other. He lives with his girlfriend, stepchild and son, and obviously I have my daughter. 

I’m so glad he’s managed to have a family as it’s what he’s always wanted, and he deserves to be happy. 

We speak every now and then as friends; even though my feelings for him never left, in his friend above anything else, and I wouldn’t dream of flirting with him etc because he’s happy and has his family life which I’d never want to ruin for him. He needs a friend nothing more which I’ll always respect. I’m glad we can still be friends, even if we’re not as close as we used to be. 

You don’t know what you’ve got til you lose it that’s for sure! We live and learn though eh! 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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