Chatty Tuesday 

Wakey wakey eggs and bacey! 

So this morning, my daughter decided it was a good idea to wake up at 4am! So by 6 I was up, showered and dressed, then downstairs and had breakfast before 6:30…think my body is in shock, for a start I don’t usually eat breakfast, but I needed something to try and wake me up (though all it’s done really is made me feel a bit yuck). Now we’re sitting on the sofa watching Peppa Pig waiting for Lion Guard to come on around 8 ish. That’s if my daughter stays awake…she keeps yawning and is curled up next to me at the moment so she could doze off! Which I don’t really want to happen today as we’re off out later on this morning. 

At around 10/11 (hopefully) my mum and stepdad are coming to pick us up and take us into town so that I can go and get my daughters birthday balloons ready for tomorrow while they take her to Tesco to go and pick a toy out with some money her grandma sent down for her. I’ve also got £3.95 on my points card for The Works so I’m gonna pop in there too and see what I can get. Then, if we have time we’ll go and grab a McDonald’s on the way home. Going to be strange going in a car and being a passenger rather than driving! Though I’ll be watching my stepdad closely so I’m still ‘learning’. Even if he offered for me to drive I’d say no…his car is bigger than the one I’m learning in and I’d be terrified of damaging it! 

So tomorrow my little girl is going to be 3. I can’t believe how fast time has gone. Mum and stepdad are coming over in the morning, stepdad will stay as long as he can before having to get back to the farm but mum will be staying the night. Where my daughter doesn’t really know what birthdays are yet, there’s not much point in spending out on a party etc (plus the fact we’d have no one to invite). Though I always decorate the living room for her, this year I’ve got a big Paw Patrol wall banner thing and some Trolls bunting, then I’ll be getting her 2 helium balloons and some normal blow up balloons. Her birthday cake is one of those chocolate caterpillar cakes, as she’s not a big cake eater so at least she can eat the chocolate that’s around it if she wants…plus the fact I personally think they’re the best birthday cakes anyway! It’s a shame though that my Nan can’t get down to see us, but I’ll make sure we Skype her so she can see my daughter on her birthday. 

It’s really annoying, I cut my daughters fringe the other day as it was touching her eyelashes, and she bloody moved so I had to cut it shorter than I usually would. Normally I cut it so it’s sat on her eyebrows, but this time it’s a bit shorter. I get so paranoid about her hair, I don’t want her looking silly especially as on her first birthday she had an awful fringe thanks to my mum! (Who has never been allowed near her hair with scissors again!) and I remember having bad hair cuts when I was a kid. I think she looks ok, it’s straight but I’m just not used to her fringe being that short haha! 

So over the weekend I set up a POF account again purely out of boredom…and yesterday I deleted the app again haha! There’s just so many creeps on there! I mean there’s a bloke I’ve been chatting to on whatsapp who also added me on Instagram too and he seems pretty cool, he’s heavily tattooed and is pretty good at art! Only problem is he lives about 45mins away which makes it more difficult to meet him (once I’ve got to know him better, I don’t just meet anyone I’m sensible when it comes to these things). And I still chat to one of the lads from the last time I had POF…just can’t be doing with having to constantly block people for being creeps! So it’s gone again haha! 

Time is going so slowly! Always the way when I’m ready way before having to go out! Struggling to stay awake! 

Well, it’s now time for Paw Patrol on tv, if I can focus my eyes enough I might do some reading…though that’s doubtful! 

I hope everyone has a good day and that you’ve got some sunshine…looks bloody miserable out here! 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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