Found another random quiz thing 

Let’s start with your name:Amy
Current Marital Status:

What’s your significant other’s name?

I don’t have one 
Sex before marriage? Yes or No:

I can understand why some wait for marriage first. I’ve just never practised this. 
Do you worry about the size of your boobs:

Not worry but I do wish they were a tad bigger, what boobs I had kinda disappeared once I gave birth!
Do you like the way you look?

not really, but I’m working on it 
Why or why not?

I never have I’ve always been very self conscious and had little body confidence 
Would you kill for chocolate?

Now that’s a tricky one…lol no I’m joking that is a bit extreme 
Do you have an eating disorder?

Not that I’m aware of! 
Do you wish you were someone else?

Any crushes?

i hate the term crush, sounds like being back in school! I don’t know to be honest, there’s some guys I enjoy talking to if that counts. I don’t get to see people enough to really fancy them 
Do you care how your butt looks in jeans?

Sort of, though I usually wear tops that cover my bum 
Do you always match?

If you mean bra and underwear then never lol I like to be comfy I couldn’t care less if they matched. 
What’s your favorite color?
Depends on my mood really I have a few preferred colours. 
Who is your best friend?

Andrew will always be number one. Best girl mate is probably Sophie 
What’s you favorite animal?

Far too many to choose from, I love animals lol just not overly keen on birds.
When you are an adult where do you want to live?

Being 24 makes me an adult right? lol I’m happy living where I am 
Do you like the city or country better?

Do you want to get married?

Not really no, I’d rather just have promise rings I think weddings can be a major waste of money no matter how pretty it is
How old are you now?

When do you want to get married?

I just said I don’t want to lol 
Do you like children?

Only my own 😂 
Do you want children?

Got one thanks 🙂 
How many?

I’m happy just with my daughter, though I would probably only have one more if I did have another. 
Have you ever talked about marriage with someone?

Yeah I’ve had a few jokey convos where it’s like “if we’re still single in 10 years we’ll marry each other” 
Think it will carry through?

Nah it’s just a joke 🙂
What’s your favorite drink?

Black Cherry And Raspberry Rubicon, or peach flavoured sparkling water. 
What’s your favorite food?

Chocolate, chicken, ready salted crisps, salty popcorn, shepherds pie, casserole, Xmas dinner, pizza. Not all at once obviously lol 
Favorite kind of ice cream?

I can’t really eat ice cream much now thanks to IBS but I sometimes have a Magnum ice cream 
Fav. thing to do on a rainy day?

Watch/listen to it while all cosy indoors. 
How about a sunny day?

I can’t be out in the sun too long as the heat makes me really ill, so I like to just chill out as much as possible.
What about when you’re sick?

I’m a single mum, if I’m ill nothing changes I still have a little person to care for lol if I could, I’d wanna just stay in bed watching movies and sleeping 
What’s the perfect date to you?

I don’t know really I’ve never been on one! If it’s a first date then somewhere public but not a cinema. Maybe go to a coffee shop or something and just get to know each other 
Perfect guy?

No such thing as perfect! I don’t have a specific type (unfortunately no one cloned David Bowie for me!) 
Perfect relationship?

One that’s full of love, trust, honesty, humour, support, and loyalty as well as being good friends too. 
Believe in love at first sight?

Yes I do. 
Who calls you the most?

My mum 😂 I’m so popular she’s the only one who calls me. 
Who do you call the most?

I don’t call people as my signal is crap and my landline costs too much to ring people 
Currently lost respect for someone or something?

Yeah, a lad I met a few years ago being a total dickhead wasting his life with drink drugs and driving like a bloody idiot. 
Have regrets?

I know everyone says no, but there’s always little regrets like I regret the fact I put up with so much shit from exs etc. But, I wouldn’t change anything as everything happens for a reason and it’s made me who I am today. I do regret not learning to drive earlier though in my hometown as I may have found it easier driving on roads that I’d known for 20 years lol 
Do you see yourself in a relationship in the next week?

When pigs fly 😂 I don’t get to go and meet people to get into a relationship at the moment. Who knows maybe next year when I have more time once my daughter is at school I could meet someone. 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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