Relationship Story Time: Sleeping With My Boss Didn’t Get Me A Pay Rise

Please note, names in this story have been changed. 


When I was working in retail, there were 2 guys I worked with who I took a shining to, but because I lacked in confidence I never admitted this. The guy I liked the most didn’t give me any hints to liking me more than a friend, we had great banter with each other and he actually helped to design the large tattoo I have on the top of my right arm- but I think I was friend zoned as far as I could tell so I gave up on the hopes of anything ever happening and was just glad of our friendship. 

The other guy I liked, was my boss- for this I’ll call him Ben. One night, myself and the work crew all went to our local pub where we spent most weekends together, but Ben couldn’t join us as he was working away at a different store. Throughout the night myself and Ben were texting as he was just by himself in his hotel room wishing he was with us lot instead as he was bored of being there by himself. I had a day off the following day, so I told Ben I’d get the train and keep him company for the night- he didn’t believe I would, so me being me I got on a train the next morning and text him to say I’d meet him at the store he was working in…I don’t think he really believed me until I was stood in front of him! 

Once the store had closed, we went to the pub with some of the other staff, and someone I knew joined us for a bit too as he lived nearby. Myself and Ben then walked back to where he was staying. 

Once we got to the hotel, Ben put the TV on, told me to make myself at home, then (what I thought) joked about me joining him in the shower to which I laughed and declined. When Ben came out of the shower, he dropped his towel…my reaction? I laughed! Purely because his bag on the end of the bed was positioned like a movie shot to hide his ‘man parts’ from show haha! Ben then picked his towel up and laughed when I told him what was funny, then sat on the bed while I sat on the chair. 

After a while, Ben said “are you going to sit there all night or are you going to come get comfy” so I then joined him on the bed where much to my surprise he pulled me towards him to cuddle me. I’m just going to add here, that I had no intentions when I decided to keep him  company, even though I liked him I was literally going as a friend to keep him company for the night. You can probably guess what happened next. 

The next morning, Ben text my supervisor to say I’d be late in because of the trains. We then left the hotel, he went off to work and I went off to get my train to work. That day at work was so uncomfortable though- let’s just say Ben was ‘big built’ in the trouser department and I was rather small built…ouch. Think I was walking like a cowboy for the next few days haha! 

I joked to Ben saying “so now I’ve slept with the boss I get a pay rise right?”. Safe to say I didn’t get a pay rise, but I was able to leave work early sometimes and have longer breaks if I was with him- we often fooled around a little when left alone in his office or in the stock room…all above clothing might I add, so no stock was ‘damaged’ haha!

A few years later we actually found out that I’d moved in just 10 doors away from him so we did meet up a few times, mainly just to keep each other company, have a cuddle and some cheeky kisses, though one day he came over and more than that happened…bit of advice for you- summer + leather sofa + naked bodies do not go well!

Myself and Ben never had anything serious together, which looking back is a good thing as he’s not the most faithful of people! We were just kinda friends with benefits I guess as we were both single at the time so it was ‘harmless fun’ as some may call it. We haven’t spoken properly for ages, mainly because he works a lot and is in a relationship now, but we check in on each other every now and again. 

So sleeping with my boss didn’t get me a pay rise, but it was kinda worth it haha!

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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