Who’s more likely to: bestie tag

Myself and my friend are having a bit of writers block lately when it comes to blogging, so we’ve been thinking of different posts we can kind of link together to help each other out when we have no idea what to write about! So today I’m starting it with the Who’s More Likely To tag which I will answer here then she will answer on her blog just for a bit of fun 🙂 


1. Cry in public

I think we both have before but neither of us like to cry in public or in front of anyone so I don’t know really! I’ll say her, purely because she goes out more than me 😂 

2. Forget birthdays

Again we both have baby brains lol I think I’m better at remembering to post cards, whereas she maybe leaves it a bit last minute sometimes. I don’t know! 

3. Get drunk

I don’t think either of us drink anymore. 

4. Be sleepy

Probably me, I’m forever in a state of tiredness thanks to 10 years of insomnia and being a mum to a toddler!

5. Be inpatient

Probably me I hate waiting around

6. Fall whilst walking

Both! We’re both clumsy shits that are forever hurting ourselves! 

7. Laugh at the wrong moment

I’m gonna say me, purely because my natural first reaction to most things is to laugh…I laughed when my Nan fell and broke her arm for christ sake! (I was worrying too and helping her I didn’t just point and laugh I’m not a cunt lol)

8. Fart in public

I don’t think either of us would to be honest. If we did then we’d both style it out as if it wasn’t us. 

9. Be a flirt

I’ll say me because I’m the single one! 

10. Spend all their money on something stupid

Neither of us are overly bad with money really so I don’t know 

11. Get a stalker

Her at the moment 😂 though I’ve had my share in the past too.

12. Cry in a sad movie

Both. We’re both rather emotional ladies!

13. Talk to animals?

Me? I talk to anything, even inanimate objects lol 

14. Marry a celebrity

Again I’ll say me because I’m single lol Johnny Depp just hasn’t asked me yet 😉😂

15. Be the first one to die in a zombie apocalypse

If it comes to running away then me…I can’t run long distances and I’m so unfit these days I’d just hand myself over to them and be done with it

16. Be a drama queen

In a piss take sense I would 

17. Watch animes

If that means those weird Japanese anime films then her? I can’t stand them haha!

18. Listen to classical music

Both of us

19. Always be the happy one 

Erm I think she’s more smiley than me…I have more of a resting bitch face most the time lol 

20. Be a fan of Star Wars

Her. I prefer Star Trek 

21. Skydive

Her I’m too much of a wimp 

22. Be hungry 24/7

Me 😂 I’m always hungry 

23. Know all the words to a TV show theme song

Me, I learn lyrics super quick 

24. Drop their phone after they bought them

Her I think. 

25. Have the most piercings

Me, seeing as I have 12 

26. Hold their breath the longest

Her? I’m pretty shit at holding my breath 

27. Give all their money to charity

Neither of us would give ALL our money to charity, we both have kids we need to support. We’re both charitable people though 

28. Ask some stupid questions

Probably me I have some really thick moments sometimes 

29. Be the best at math

Her. I’ve always been crap at maths that wasn’t simple adding and subtracting 

30. Worry about small things

I think we’re both very guilty of doing that! 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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