Chatty Tuesday 

Ello! Hope you’re all well. 

I’ll be honest I don’t really have much to chat about but I wanted to come on here just to be active really. I’ve been having major writers block, or more creative block…whether it’s writing blog posts, trying to do my final assessment or even just doodling I just can’t seem to get my head into it lately which is super frustrating!  I think it’s because I just so desperately want to be driving that it’s my only focus, which is stupid because if I don’t pass first time I’m going to be beyond pissed off. Just going a bit stir crazy really, I want to be able to jump in the car and go to McDonald’s or for a day out somewhere just to get out and do something, and to actually get out and meet people rather than trying to rely on buses. I’m still waiting for my mum to arrange when my stepdad can take me to do my theory test…I hate waiting but I’ve got no choice unfortunately. Got a horrible feeling I’ll fail it first time though :/ we’ll see. 


I really want to do reviews on stuff, like stationery or just anything to be honest, but unfortunately I can’t afford to buy stuff to review, and where I’m not a well known blogger or anything I can’t just get stuff for free. I’m on a review panel for enesco, but I don’t think people on here are overly interested in those products because when I have posted a review on here it’s only got the one view, whereas I think stationery and beauty stuff are more popular. I’ve got a new zoella product that I will review on here, and maybe the 2 new mascaras I got a few weeks ago but that’s it really. If anyone knows of any company’s big or small that want people for reviewing their products let me know! Especially small companies, I like to try and help out the underdogs if I can 🙂 

My mum bought me the new Beauty And The Beast DVD which came with a book of the film too, so I’ll be watching that with her tomorrow and then I’ll post a film review on it, and I may do a review on the book too. I’m still trying to finish the two books I’m currently reading! In fact make that 3, I started one ages ago then for whatever reason I stopped reading it…stupid really as it’s a good book! 

I just want to be writing some things that more people will be interested in really to get my audience level up as I still don’t think I’ve even hit 50 followers yet! As my reader, if you have any ideas let me know! 


Rather impressed with my daughter, she has taught herself to read numbers 0-10. I think she’s picked it up from watching Numberjacks but hey if it’s teaching her stuff it can’t be a bad thing! She’s been really good with her colours for over a year, so numbers make a nice change 🙂 she picks stuff up really quickly recently, she was watching the film Sing and repeated the word “dinkleshplat” said by a pig which was bloody hilarious. 


I recently downloaded the app Smule, it’s basically a karaoke app really. I love it! I’m not the best of singers but not everyone is on there it’s just fun to sing with people from all over the world. Keeps me amused for a bit anyway! Anyone got any suggestions of free games for iPhone that I can download? I’m getting bored and need new stuff to try that doesn’t take up stupid amounts of memory.


Well tomorrow the plan is to get up and showered etc, then when mum gets here we’re all gonna pop down to the local shops as mum wants to look for some little nick nacks to send someone’s kid who’s doing a school project seeing what postcards etc he can get from all over the country or something. Think we will get some snacks and drinks then chill out watching Beauty And The Beast 🙂

Thursday I then have a 2 hour driving lesson. I’m hoping we can practice the reverse round a corner some more as I’m still not totally happy with it. I also need to try the turn in the road again as haven’t done that for a while. Last week we mainly concentrated on roundabouts which I’m becoming more confident on atleast. I did have the chance for a 3 hour lesson this week, but I’m sticking to 2 hours as it gives me longer to save up for more lessons if needed. 

I really need a new microwave…mine actually has a hole in the bottom of it now which isn’t exactly safe! My Nan has kindly sent some money to my mum to buy me one, just need to wait for the cheque to clear etc first! I also need a new laptop but that’s not high on my priority list at the moment! I keep seeing cars for sale locally and it’s doing my head in as I just want my own car!! But there’s no point in getting one before I’ve even done my the fact I need to save up for one first! 


Anyway I think I’ve rambled enough useless crap for today. Like I said above if you have any ideas on what you’d like me to write about, or if you know of any companies that want products reviewed then let me know you can email me on 

Hope you all have a good week! 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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