Tattoos and Piercings Tag

One of my favourite people to watch on YouTube (Miles ‘dread’ prower) recently done the tattoos and piercings Tag Questions, I think I’ve found the ones he used, or atleast similar anyway. Thought I’d do this one seeing as I’m heavily tattooed and have had a lot of piercings before. 

How many tattoos do you have?

I count by design, and I have over 60 designs on me at the moment. 

What is your favorite tattoo that you have?

I don’t really have a favourite if I’m honest, as they all have a meaning.

How old were you when you got your first tattoo?

I was 14 years old 

What do your parents think?

My mum has a fair amount of tattoos herself so isn’t fussed, I think she would only comment negatively if I had my face or throat done which isn’t something I want done anyway. My Nan isn’t too keen on my tattoos, especially the ones of lyrics, she likes my butterflies on my leg though. My dad often talks to his friends about my tattoos and kind of shows me off to them in a sense by showing them photos I’ve sent him, but other than that I don’t think he’s overly phased…even if he was I haven’t seen him in 10 years so his opinion wouldn’t really matter that much. 

Do your tattoos have a theme?

Nope they don’t really go together though sometimes I wish they did. All my tattoos are memories of different things 

Do you plan on getting more in the future?

Yeah I’ve got a plan for my right thigh and back of my left arm, though I know I’ll end up getting more too because there’s so many more I want.

Which tattoo hurt the most?

My back piece. I sit tattoos really well without moving about etc, but my back made me cry.

Which tattoo hurt the least?

Behind my ears up on the skull bit…I nearly fell asleep getting those done. 

Do you regret any of your tattoos?

Yeah my half sleeve on my left lower arm. It’s far too much black work, and I only got it done because myself and a friend went to another mates house for him to get a tattoo but he chickened out so I said sod it tattoo me instead because I felt bad about my friend wasting his time,and he chose to tattoo what’s meant to be a koi carp though it looks more like a goldfish, along with crap flowers that look like dodgy cupcakes and terribly coloured and shaded; my tattooist began to cover it by reworking it and block colouring some in black which I hate I prefer to be able to see some skin colour. Anyway it’s not finished and I just hate it so much but I don’t think there’s anything I can do other than laser treatment which I don’t like the idea of. I don’t know whether going over it in white ink will lighten it enough to cover it up eventually or not. 

There is also two little tattoos on my right inside wrist that I wish I didn’t have because my ex had the same done and that’s a little cross and footprints for the miscarriage I had. 

What were the length of your tattoos?

I think the one that took the longest time altogether was my back piece which was done in a few sessions, but the longest I’ve sat for one is my leg I think which was about 4/5 hours

How many piercings do you have?

I used to have around 30 at one point, but now I have 11

Where are they?

Left ear: 2 lobe, 1 conch, 1 forward helix. Right ear: 6mm stretcher which I now just wear 2 normal hoops in, 3 lobe, 1 helix. Left nostril, tongue. 

I used to have a lot more in my ears, my right nostril, right side of bottom lip, right nipple and belly button pierced but they either fell out or I took them out.

Which one hurt the most?

Conch, that wasn’t nice hearing the crunch of my ear lol 

Which one is your favorite?

Tongue, I’ve had that since I was 16 and never wanted to remove it 

Do you regret any of your piercings?

I regret getting my lip pierced before purely because I’m now left with a small scar/hole where it used to me, same as my belly button and my nipple. 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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