Beauty And The Beast 2017 Review 

I don’t usually like remakes, I like my originals. Beauty and the beast has always been my favourite Disney movie since I was old enough to say the word “beast” with teary eyes in the sad scene. So when I heard they were doing a live action remake, I wasn’t all that pleased…until they casted Emma Watson as Belle and I became curious. 
Even though this story is set in France, I’ve always pictured Belle as a kind of English Rose, and I think they made the perfect choice in choosing Emma for the part…she’s also surprisingly got quite a sweet singing voice. 

Everyone was casted perfectly in my opinion, apart from Gaston who was played by Luke Evans…on my opinion I think Luke is far too soft to be Gaston, and not big enough…Gaston is supposed to be the ‘ultimate man’, tall and muscly with a deep strong voice and strong jaw…which I think Luke Evans lacked somewhat. However, he did still play the part well considering. 

I love that this film used the same music scores and songs from the original Disney movie, and I liked the added songs they put in too. 

I also liked that this film gave both the beast and belle some background- unlike the animated film, it mentioned their missing parents, like what happened to Belles mum and why the beast was such an arse to the old woman at the start. 

This film has pretty much stuck to the story of the animated film, however it has incorporated the very first story of beauty and the beast too- belles father in the animated film is an inventor, whereas in this one he’s an artist/painter; in the animated film he’s taking an invention somewhere which is how he comes across the castle etc, whereas in the live action one he is captured because he tries to take a rose from the castle garden for belle as she requested before he left. Just very little tweaks but still nothing new as it is from the very first story of Beauty and the beast. 

Now when people see a film that has actors singing that don’t usually sing, it’s usually awful (just look at mama mia and the les miserables film!) but surprisingly the cast of this were great singers too! 

I would 100% recommend this movie; it’s kept the enchantment alive, has some funny moments, and made me cry like a baby just like the animated one does. Definitely a 5 star movie in my opinion. 

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