Dear Future Boyfriend… 

…Please don’t be a lying, cheating, abusive arsehole that cares more about drinking and smoking than anything else. Be a decent person who is genuinely kind and caring, but still have a great sense of humour too. 

Could you please be affectionate? Like not clingy, but happy to hold my hand in public or cuddle up with me on the sofa, it would be much appreciated!

 Please be understanding when it comes to my insecurities, I’m working on it so don’t rush me or get annoyed with me; also please understand why I won’t easily jump into bed with you, it’s going to take time for me to feel able to have sex with you- not because of you, but because of how I feel about my body and how past relationships made me feel negatively about sex. 

Don’t leave me worrying about you by not replying to any texts for hours on end- I’m not clingy but I would atleast like to know you’ve thought about me at some point in the day and that you’re alright. I’m a protective person so I worry! 

I don’t need or want expensive gifts, or fancy dinner out somewhere that’s way over priced, I’m happy enough to be at home stuffing our faces with pizza in front of the TV and just getting a nice card on my birthday I don’t want bank breaking gifts.

 Please don’t be a totally different person around your friends, there’s nothing worse than a guy turning into a chauvinistic twat treating his girlfriend like shit just because his friends are around.

 Please understand that you are not and will not ever be my top priority, my daughter is and always will be above anyone else; on the subject of my daughter, please accept her as if she’s your own, don’t treat her badly or ignore her existence and accept the fact she’s with me 99.9% of the time…if you can’t understand that and be part of a family then you aren’t the one for me. 

I’m not interested in games and flings, if I’m in a relationship then I want to be in it for the long hall so don’t mess me about. 

Please understand that I’ve been cheated on in the past, so the fear of history repeating itself will always be there, so please don’t feed into that fear by flirting with other girls…if you’re with me, then you’re with me only.

 Please understand that I do still have my inner demons, and though they’re not as vocal as they used to be, I do still have my down moments where all I’ll need is the support and knowledge that you’re here for me…or a bar of chocolate will always help!

 Remember that I’m not like most girls; I am not offended easily, I don’t want your money, I couldn’t care if my nail breaks or my hair goes curly in the rain, I’m much more comfortable at home in my trackies, and I can be ‘one of the lads’ when out with a group I’m comfortable with…I also hate shopping so that’s a bonus for you! 

I am terrified of spiders, so it’s your duty to remove them and protect me from those 8 legged monsters.

Don’t be afraid to show your passion and enthusiasm for something, whether it’s art, sport, music, or simply learning…its important to be passionate about something in life, so don’t feel you can’t share that with me.

Talk to me! If you have a problem if any kind then be honest and open about it, don’t bottle everything up then allow it to erupt into a massive argument…I hate arguing and I’d rather not have that kind of negativity in my life so just talk it out straight away and get it sorted and I will listen!

 Don’t be someone you’re not, just be you; chances are if I’ve risked getting into a relationship with you then I like you a fair amount. Just truly love me, make me laugh, and be my friend aswell as my boyfriend; and love my daughter as if she was your own…that doesn’t mean I’m expecting you to buy her stuff etc it just means that you’ll acknowledge her by playing games with her, singing stupid songs with her to make her laugh, and genuinely care about her as she is my absolute world. 
Kind regards, 

A single mum that’s kind of lost faith in decent relationships ever occurring for her. 


🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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