I need to make a change 

So many times I’ve told myself that I need to start eating healthy and exercising at least a little bit…and I never stick to it. 

Recently, I’ve been seriously hating how I look- my hair, body, clothes just everything. I know that I don’t eat healthy enough, and having IBS I really should eat better. 

I need to start actually cooking myself proper meals that are good for me rather than being lazy and just doing chicken nuggets or pizza. 

On my shopping order for next week I have included 5 chicken breast and some mince which is enough for 7 dinners, but I have no idea what to actually make with it that’s easy and cheap to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated! I can’t have peppers or anything too greasy/oily because it effects my ibs and I don’t eat rice or anything with rice in. 

I’m going to seriously try and not eat as much chocolate as I do…I’m terrible for eating a whole big bar in one sitting which obviously isn’t good for me. So I need to find something to ‘snack’ on too. 

Exercise wise, the most I do is walk to the shop and back maybe twice a week. I need exercises that will tone up my legs, bum, stomach and that fatty bit around my hips/lower back. I’m not looking for major muscle, I just want to be less wobbly. However, I suffer with naturally low blood pressure which makes me dizzy and light headed easily, and my lower back is buggered from pregnancy so I have no idea what I can do that won’t cripple me. Again, suggestions would be appreciated. 

I’ve ordered a ‘reddish brown’ hair dye just for a little change, I can’t afford to go to a hairdresser (and they make me anxious) so I have to just make changes myself. Clothes wise I can’t really do anything until I’m happy with my body so I’ll just put up with that for now. 

I really need to do this. I’m fed up of hating what I see in the mirror, and the thought of anyone else seeing me naked makes me feel sick if I’m honest. And I need to not feel THAT insecure about myself. 

I want to be happy with myself and how I look…so I need to do this. I need to stick at it and prove that I can do this I’m fed up of having such low self esteem. I need my confidence back. And that starts now. 

So if anyone has any tips and suggestions, please PLEASE share them with me to help me out. 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


10 thoughts on “I need to make a change 

    • I didn’t think of doing that…something so simple too 😂 thanks sweet. My daughter was a 10lbs 1oz girly that was back to back with me most of my pregnancy so she buggered my back up a fair bit lol x


  1. In terms of exercises, look into fitness blender, it’s a YouTube channel which has loads of videos of various exercises, some hard and some easier, their easy to adapt as well if needed plus they’re free and you can skip exercises that are too hard. Also try yoga, great for muscle toning without putting too much strain on your body. I’ve also just downloaded an app for my phone called 30 day abs…they have 6 different levels (starting from beginner level 1) and set a plan to help muscles over 30 days which is great…they do an app for literally every muscle group (arms, legs, butt etc.) so also worth a look 🙂

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  2. Sounds really weird but how about you tubing some pregnancy related exercises. Obviously I know you’re not, but they should be pretty low intensity and ok for your back. Maybe if madam will let you, and weather permitting, try to walk more until you’re doing it every day? Xxx


    • Yeah I guess I could look for pregnancy exercises, like you said they shouldn’t be too intense. She only likes going out if we go to the shop and she gets a magazine 😂 she’d kick off if we just went for a walk lol xxx


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