Chatty Tuesday

Evening! I completely forgot what day it was today if I’m honest…hence the rather late chatty Tuesday post! 

I hope everyone is alright and is having a good week so far. Yesterday I had an appointment with the job centre just to do the usual 6 month check to see if I’d done any work or my circumstances had changed at all. Total waste of time really as I don’t fuck about with the benefits system like some people do but hey ho I guess they gotta do it. My daughter bless her, was playing while we waited for my name to be called, she was going round to every seat and sitting on it then running to the next…oh to be 3 years old and easily amused! She then found a white chair next to a plant pot with some little tree thing in it, and I have no idea how but she bloody fell off the chair straight into the plant pot covering herself in soil! Swear it happened in slow motion! She’s a little hard nut though and didn’t cry, she just had a cuddle and told me where hurt…she’s got a shiner of a bruise on her hip/bum bless her, but other than that she’s fine. Does anyone else automatically laugh when someone hurts themselves no matter who it is? My automatic reaction is to laugh for some reason…I mean, years ago my Nan fell over in front of me and broke her arm yet I was killing myself laughing! Of course I have the sense of panic, worry, and care too and I straight away go to anyone’s aid if I see them hurt, but I can’t help but laugh! Maybe it’s a panic reaction or something? It has come in handy with my daughter though, because a lot of kids will cry at the slightest little trip, but my daughter very rarely cries when she falls etc (she’s like her mummy, very clumsy!) and will actually laugh instead; which is good because if she has hurt herself she will cry about it rather than just crying for the attention. She’s a little hard nut! 

After the job centre, we then had time to go to macdonalds! And my god, I have a new favourite drink. They do a Honeycomb And Chocolate Iced Frappe…it’s the most beautiful drink I’ve ever had!!! Though knowing my luck it’ll just be a summer thing and by the time I next get to have a macdonalds they won’t sell it anymore! 


Today I decided to do a bit of drawing as it’s been a fair while. My daughter was happy watching Boss Baby (for the millionth time!) so thought I’d give it a go. I attempted Ren And Stimpy, a hand holding a rose, a heart being ripped apart, and a silhouette picture of Chester Bennington. 


Tomorrow the plan is to go into the town and have a leisurely mooch around to see if I can get myself, my daughter and my mum anything. My Nan has kindly said she’s gonna send me some money so that she can treat us all which was really nice of her. I think she’s doing it because usually she will go out and get us all something every now and again and send it even if it’s just something simple like chocolate or socks, but since having pancreatitis last month she’s still not been 100% with her stomach so hasn’t been out to get us any little things like she usually does. Her pancreas is fine and healing well, but she stayed in hospital over night last week with pains again but it was due to a small infection on her liver caused by some of the medication she has been taking for her rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. So she’s now been taken off those pills, been given antibiotics and has an appointment tomorrow to see if the infection has cleared up etc. Unfortunately, my Nan will always have some stomach discomfort, as she suffers with bad acid reflux, and her arthritis and osteoporosis has basically made her torso shift down so her rib cage is almost sitting on her hips which means she often feels quite scrunched up which is uncomfortable (all her organs etc are fine from the shift there’s still plenty of room etc). She’s just fed up of feeling yuck now; I’ve told her to ask the consultant tomorrow if it’s a possibility that she has IBS, purely because what she’s been describing is exactly what I get (I was diagnosed with IBS last year) so hopefully she will mention it and see what the consultant thinks. Bless her though she’s dreading it because they told her if the antibiotics haven’t worked quick enough they’ll be keeping her in and giving her antibiotics through a IV line, which she’d rather not have to go through she’d much rather be at home in her own bed! So fingers crossed she won’t have to be admitted. 


I’ve got no idea what I wanna wear tomorrow…I’ve got some black jeggings that my mum gave me which I’m planning to wear as they’re the closest thing I’ve got to my old skinny jeans/drainpipes. I just dunno what I want to wear on my top half or how to do my makeup regarding eyeshadow colours. Do I go for black and silver/grey eye shadow with a grey vest top and red and blank checked shirt over the top? Or do I go for a little more colour? I don’t know! I guess it depends on my mood tomorrow. 


Has anyone seen the new Zoella Lifestyle stuff? I mean it’s nice, but fuck me it’s expensive!! Like £10 for 2 small notebooks…I can go into The Works and get some equally beautiful notebooks for £1-£2! It’s ridiculous how much all the zoella products cost! Well I think it is anyway…maybe I’m just stingy? What do you think of the prices? 


Anyway I guess that’s enough random rambling for me tonight! 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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