Review: Zoella products 

As much as I’d like to try all of the zoella range, I simply can’t afford it as personally I think it’s over priced. I do own the Zoella Hungry Hands hand cream, in fact I own 4 of them because Superdrug messed up and sent me 4 instead of 2- though I’m not complaining as it’s my favourite hand cream! I use it whenever I have a driving lesson or if I’m taking my daughter out in her buggy to stop my hands getting sore (I have quite sensitive delicate hands). The smell lasts all day, but it doesn’t taste great if you lick food off your fingers! I only bought it because it was on sale at the time after Xmas, I wouldn’t have paid full price for it. 

Zoella recently released her new range for the summer called Jelly And Gelato, which has some really pretty packaging. On its release day, I went onto the Superdrug website to see the prices- much to my surprise they were doing a 25% off introductory offer- though even with that offer, the items were still pretty pricey in my opinion (maybe I’m just really stingy?) 

They full prices are now as follows: Bath Wafer £5, Beauty Clutch £14, Body Pudding £8, Shower Sauce £5, Body Mist £8, Bath Milk £7, Cream Body Scrub £8, Shower Shake £6. 

I thought I’d try the cheapest product at the time which was the Bath Wafer which I think was around £3.75…which to me is a lot for something that is basically a bath bomb! 

The scent is Elderflower and Pomegranate, and my Christ can you smell the pomegranate! Before even opening the Superdrug box I could smell it, and got smacked in the face with a pretty over powering pomegranate scent, so strong that it did make me cough! You could probably use it as a room scent it’s so strong, and that’s without opening the packaging! 

I really wanted to like this product, especially because of the price, but I’ll be honest it’s nothing special. It disintegrated pretty well in the bath not leaving any gritty bits at the bottom, but the scent seemed to be non existent once in the water, and it didn’t make my skin feel any different or softer either. In fact, some bath fizzers/bath bombs I got from B And M were 10 times better, and were cheaper for about 6 rather than one block that’s for 2 baths. 

Zoella has also added to her Zoella Lifestyle range with some new products like notebooks etc…and my fucking god they really are over priced! £10 for 2 small notebooks that don’t even look very thick, and everything else is pretty highly priced. I appreciate the time and effort Zoe puts into her products, and they do look lovely but the prices are just bloody ridiculous for what the products are! There’s some cute new cushions, but there’s no way I’m spending £18 on a small cushion! 

I think Zoe needs to maybe write some more books, as she’s a good author and her books are far more affordable than her other products! 

I’m not hating on Zoe/Zoella, as I do follow her on social media and e joy her YouTube videos etc, but this is just my honest opinion on her products. 

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