Chatty Thursday Post

Evening, I hope you’re all well and having a good week so far.

Today has been so bloody stressful! I recently changed electric company to get better value for money. I received the new top up key and followed all the instructions but it just wouldn’t work. I actually phoned the company today while stood in the shop and they told me that they’d send a key to the shop and that I would need to use a code to authorise it, and that they’d put £20 on it as a good will payment for sending me a faulty key. That was fine, until at 5 I got a call from them telling me I’d have to collect the new key from a shop that is about 45mins away from me by car! So I went absolutely bat shit crazy at her because she told me I’d be able to get it from my local village shop, the shop I was standing in when I first spoke to her. So now they’re apparently posting a new key out with £20 on it, and the manager will be reviewing the first phone conversation to see if I am owed more compensation for being given false information. Such a ball ache! And I bet my new key doesn’t arrive til after the weekend. Insert lots of swearing and huffing here!!

To add insult to injury, when I got off the phone to the manager of the electric company I went and started my dinner…the fucking tin opener broke!!! So it took me forever to open the tin I needed, and now after eating my dinner I feel a bit yuck. Safe to say today can go fuck itself lol it started so well too!

So I recently signed up to Netflix and have been watching Orphan Black. My god it’s brilliant! I’m almost finished with series 5 I think. I actually posted a photo on twitter as I’d been told I looked like the character Cosima…I was so shocked at how many likes it got! One of which even being the official Orphan Black Twitter account lol what do you guys think?

I’ve got my 3rd attempt at a driving test coming up this month. Again I’m absolutely dreading it as I hate being in a test environment. However I’m not as anxious as I was last time for some reason. I’ve made a point of not telling anyone other than my mum what date my test is, purely because the past 2 times I felt like I had a lot of pressure on me with people saying they believed in me etc, so this time I’ve only told those who need to know. My instructor has suggested I try using something called Kalms to take the edge off my nerves and anxiety…I’ll try anything if it helps! He said that a lot of people he knows have used them and it really helped, so fingers crossed.

I got myself a little yoga book from The Works, and Mum has let me borrow her yoga dvd to try. I think tomorrow ima clear a space in the living room amongst little ladies toys, and give it a go! No doubt my daughter will join in with me and laugh her head off at me! I’m not interested in the meditation side of it, it’s more the exercise/fitness side I’m interested in. I just want a flatter tummy again!

I really want Easter weekend to hurry up, Mum has invited us over to hers for the weekend and we’re gonna do a little Easter egg hunt for my daughter too which she is really looking forward to. And, it means we get to go to the chippy on Saturday and have a roast on Sunday! Forever thinking about my tummy I’m awful haha!

Right I think that’s enough rambling for one night!

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


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