Dear Snow, Please Go Away

Yet again we’ve been hit with snow. Only this time it’s meant that my food shopping delivery has been cancelled for today!!! I’ve got no bottled water (tap water here is rank) no snack food, bread and milk are starting to turn…and no chocolate!! So I’m not impressed. I’ve gotta wait and see if it turns up on Wednesday instead. I would go down the local shop for some bits and bobs but the wind is ridiculous my daughter won’t be able to walk against it, plus the fact we’d end up falling over as there’s a few hills!

Also I was supposed to receive my hair dye from Superdrug today but obviously that won’t be arriving either!

I’ve got things to do this week, if they get cancelled I will not be happy!!

I only liked the snow for about half an hour yesterday, and that’s because I took my daughter out the front to experience snow for the first time. She loved it. Next door played out for a bit too, though my daughter just stayed near me and the kids Mum and was running about with the youngest kid rather than the twin older boys (think they’re about 5/6 years old) as they’re a bit boisterous but she had fun anyway. So it was nice to see her experience something new for the first time.

Please snow, can you just go away now and take the ice with you…please?

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


2 thoughts on “Dear Snow, Please Go Away

  1. I used to like the snow when I was a kid but after growing up, I actually hate it; its gets in the way of many activities that are planned for the day ahead, especially the food deliveries as my Mom’s got cancelled when we had the snow last time 😦

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    • I’ve never been overly keen on snow, I had a snowball thrown in my face when I was little and it had something in it that hurt my eyes so it put me right off. I don’t mind watching it it’s pretty, but when it stops things like deliveries that I rely on I really hate it!


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