Chatty Tuesday 

Good morning everyone, I hope you’re all doing well. 

I feel I’ve neglected my blog a bit recently. When I first started I was posting atleast 3 times a week, but then I hit a bit of a wall with writers block and had no idea what to write about anymore! I struggle to find things to write about that others find interesting…looking through my blog it seems the posts that get the most attention are either beauty ones or the recent one called I Failed. I’m not a beauty blogger, I don’t have enough skills, knowledge or money to be a beauty blogger and to be honest I’d get bored outta my mind writing about the same subject constantly. So I have no idea what to do. I saw someone on twitter say about their views going down to under 100 on a post…I’m lucky to even get 1 view sometimes! 

One thing I am thinking about doing, is ‘blogmas’…but maybe not every day I may just do one a week as every day may be too much to commit to! I’m really excited for Christmas this year, and I’ve been watching zoella vlogmas videos which have just made me even more excited! I used to hate Christmas but now my daughter is starting to understand what it is it’s bought the magic back to it! 

What sort of posts do you like reading? Help a girl out! Lol


So this week I’ll be trying to do more of a latch hook thing I started in 2014 that I never completed. Wednesday I have my mum staying over as usual, though this week I will be attempting to make a birthday cake for my stepdad. His birthday is the 7th but we won’t see him on the day so he’ll get his presents on Thursday when he comes to pick mum up. Gonna be making a Betty Crocker lemon cake! I hate lemon cake, even the smell of it! Thursday I have a 3 hour driving lesson, then Friday I’ve got a doctors appointment about my throat that I mentioned in a recent post which I’m trying not to worry about but that’s easier said than done especially with my brain! 


I’ve decided I need to try and look after my nails. They are so weak and break really easy, so I need to buy some nail strengthening stuff and attempt to get over my phobia of nail files… yes that’s a real thing, I hate the feel of them, can’t pick them up without cringing, hate the sound….just hate it lol I also need to find nail varnish that will last longer than a day on my nails, they seem to chip so easily on me! I don’t want massive nails, but I just want them to look nicer and a bit longer than they are at the moment. 

Why does listerine mouth wash taste bloody horrible? Like seriously it makes my eyes water sometimes with how nasty it is!! 

On that note, it’s time to get outta bed it’s just coming up to 11…oops get my daughter sorted then we can go downstairs and chill for the day…pretty much what we do every day lol god I need to hurry up and be driving!! 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


Liebster Award

Thank you to The Arty Plantsman for nominating me. I’ve got no idea what I’m doing as haven’t been nominated on these things before but here it goes! I can’t figure out how to link peoples blogs in a post from my phone, so I’ll just say that I nominate everyone I follow on here, as I wouldn’t follow them if I didn’t like their content lol I know it’s probably cheating a bit but I can’t put individual links in and I can’t for the life of me remember names lol 

So here are the questions I need to answer apparently! 

If you could be one fictional character for a day, and actually live their life, – who would it be and why? That’s hard! Male id probably be Jareth from labyrinth, because I love his outfits and would just love to be goblin king for a day lol female…I’m gonna say Hermione Granger from Harry Potter because I love studying and reading and she always has time for both…I also have a slight crush on Ron so that’s a bonus 😂 

 • Can you play a musical instrument? If so, which? If not – which would you most like to learn or like to listen to? I used to play piano but I can’t anymore, I’ve always wanted to learn guitar and banjo but I’ve just never been able to do it whenever I’ve tried.

 • Are your friends (partners excluded) mostly of your own (biological) sex? Nope I’ve always got on better with guys.

 • If magic could make it possible, would you be interested in changing sex for a few days to see the world from another perspective? Do you think it would be a good idea if we all did this at least once in our life? I’d do it for a day just out of curiosity. No I don’t think it’s something we need to do, if you’re an understanding person then you don’t need to walk in others shoes to see life from a different perspective 

 • Vampire movies/shows – do you prefer scary ones or romantic ones, and which? (Thanks to a blogging friend for inspiring this question when I was stuck!) I don’t know really, bit of both? I like lost boys, queen of the damned, blade…so I dunno lol 

 • Think of something good about yourself. Talk about it if you want, but I just wanted you to feel nice. I think my caring nature is a good thing. I enjoy helping people whenever I can and making them smile however I can. Even simple things like saying good morning to someone in the street or helping an old lady reach something on a shelf. I’m always putting other people first. 

Ok so now I need to think of some questions…

If you had to listen to one band/singer for the rest of your life who would it be and why?

What was your favourite subject in school and why? 

Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life? 

What’s 3 of your most favourite books you’ve ever read (including childhood books) 

Who is your idol/inspiration (celeb or someone you know)

I hope this is ok, I know I’ve broken the rules a bit but hey it gives everyone a chance to join in! All you gotta do is include the photo, tag the people you wanna nominate, answer the questions I’ve asked and come up with your own 🙂 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹

Review: GeekGear World Of Wizardry Monthly Subscription Box

For months I have been searching for a subscription box to give me a surprise to look forward to once a month. I tried looking at craft ones, stationery ones…but just couldn’t find any that I thought were worth the money. Until my mum actually told me about World Of Wizardry. A lovely lady she follows on Instagram (and who I too now follow) posted pictures of her August box from them, and when mum showed me I fell in love! I paid £19.99 for my first box as there was a docount code, but it’s usually £22.98 including postage, and it’s 100% worth every penny for the kind of items they include. 

When setting up an account with them, you can choose which Harry Potter house you’d like your boxes to be. Now according to pottermore I’m Hufflepuff, which I’m not gonna lie isn’t my favourite as I’m not a massive fan of the colour yellow from 5 years of senior school having to wear a bright yellow shirt! I couldn’t choose between Slytherin and Gryffindor, but luckily they allow you to opt for a random box rather than just a specific house each month. 

My very first box arrived this week, and they sent me a Gryffindor box 🙂 you can tell which house you’ve received by the colour of the tissue paper which i think is a nice little touch. The box itself looks good too with the delicate pattern and each house symbol on the sides. 

After pulling back to red tissue paper, this was my first glimps of the items:

This first item, was this super cute tshirt. Now I’ll admit I haven’t seen the film Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them yet, but I’ve seen posts online about this little character and thought he was pretty cute so I was glad to get this tshirt. I ordered a size Medium and I’m glad I did, it’s a long top which is something I struggle to find, tshirts are usually either too short or too long for what I want and it’s just the right amount of baggyness for me as I don’t have a big chest etc to fill it! The tshirt itself is so soft and really comfortable to wear, the image on the front doesn’t feel stiff or sticky like some tshirts do. 

The second item I looked at, were this pair of socks. Now this item is the ‘house item’; because this box they chose for me is a Gryffindor box, I got red and yellow socks. Boxes of other houses received different coloured socks to go with their house colours. These have got to be the most comfortable pair of socks I’ve ever put on my achey feet! They fit perfectly, they’re soft, decent thickness without being too thick, keep your feet warm and I don’t know about anyone else but I find they kind of ‘hold’ my feet really well, they’re not tight but they feel supportive and not too big so they don’t slip round your foot. 

Next up is a keyring. Who doesn’t love a keyring right?! There are 4 different ones that could have been put in, it’s simply a luck of the draw with what one you get regardless of what house option you choose. I received the snitch keyring, though if I had the choice I personally would have chosen either the deathly hallows symbol or the dark mark one. But either way it’s a good quality item.

This item is also from Fantastic Beasts, I think it’s Newts wand like I said I haven’t seen this film yet. The little detail on the sticker was a nice touch, and it was wrapped well in paper and bubble wrap. The wand itself is brilliant quality and actually had some weight to it which I wasn’t expecting, so it feels like a ‘proper’ wand when you hold it. Im going to sound weird now, but I love the smell of it! My mum said it smells of mothballs but I have no idea I just like the smell whatever it is lol

I believe this next item is only available from GeekGear but don’t quote me on that. I think this Harry Potter figure is made of some kind of resin, it’s very sturdy and doesn’t feel cheap or plasticy so it’s very well made. The detail is good too. 

Then last but certainly not least, is this officially licensed print of the Hogwarts Express. Which like everything else, is fantastic quality. 

The box also includes a little booklet inside that tells you a bit about each item, gives details on their social media links, and a clue as to what will appear in the next box. They also include photos of their subscribers and links to some of their YouTube channels etc too which i think is lovely that they really try to involve their customers and give them a bit of a spotlight too. 

I think this subscription box is great value for money, it’s worth every single penny! I can’t wait for October’s box to arrive towards the end of next month, the first clue they’ve given is the night bus! I will be posting an unboxing/review on each box every month for anyone interested 🙂 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹

Chatty Tuesday

This one isn’t going to be overly cheery. Just a little warning. 

Last week a small hard lump appeared at the roof of my mouth on the right hand side, it doesn’t hurt and you can’t see it I can just feel it with my tongue/finger. I don’t know what it is whether it’s my wisdom tooth pushing something or what. Anyway, yesterday I was checking it to make sure it hadn’t changed or become visible, and I noticed how red my throat looked. It’s not sore and I can still swallow, not got a cough either but it is really red. There’s also some little fleshy lumps near what I think my tonsils, which again don’t hurt etc but I’ve never noticed them before. I could just be worrying about nothing, but I always worry so much about my throat because throat cancer is what killed my Great Aunty Pat. I’ve been an idiot and googled throat cancer symptoms and I literally just have the redness, I don’t know if the little lumps are relevant or not. I’m going to phone the doctors tomorrow and book an appointment to get it looked at just to put my mind at rest. I just know that I’m going to cry so I’m hoping I can get an appointment while my mum is here so that I don’t have to take my daughter in with me. 

I have a few issues concerning my mouth/jaw. To start with my jaw is far too over clicky, which can be extremely painful and stiff sometimes. I also have issues with my gums meaning they are sometimes sore and will bleed a little (no I’m not gross and never brush my teeth, I’ve always brushed my teeth properly etc so I don’t know how or why I have such issues) I’m wondering if it’s something genetic as my mum became ill when she was younger and had an issue with her teeth and gums resulting in her having all her teeth removed when she was in her 20s. Again she looked after her teeth with brushing etc so it’s not like she was unhygienic etc it was something to do with her immune system or something I can’t quite remember. I’m pretty sure my Nan had an issue too as she had most of her teeth removed at a fairly young age too. So really I have no idea what’s going on with this random painless colourless lump on the roof of my mouth or the redness of my throat…what I do know is that it’s terrifying me. Cancer, or any other serious illness is my biggest fear since becoming a mum. Because to put it bluntly, I don’t want to die leaving my daughter without me. It’s probably me being over anxious and worrying too much, but I think I need to see a doctor just to check and to put my mind at ease. Hopefully they’ll have an appointment available ASAP to shut my mind up. I can feel my eyes welling up and my heart going ten to the dozen just thinking about it. I’ve even lost my appetite for proper food because I’m worrying too much. I’ve been eating snacky sorta stuff but not actual dinners. I hate my mind. I just really hope it’s nothing. 


I don’t really know what else to chat about if I’m honest, my worries have just been taking over my head and I can’t think of anything else to talk about. 

My blog has gone down hill a bit lately, I’ve just not been able to write anything half decent. Though someone did nominate me for some blogger award thing or something apparently, I have no idea what it is etc I’ve still gotta read his post properly to understand it and do whatever I need to do. Thanks to that person, I can’t for the life of me remember your blog name, but you’ll know who you are if you read this one. 

Anyway, I’m gonna take my anxious worrying mind and watch bake off then go up for a bath I think. If my daughter will let me that is! 

Mums over tomorrow, and 2 hour driving lesson Thursday. Once I’ve managed to see a doctor I’ll write about what they have to say about my throat etc. 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹

I failed. 

I didn’t do a chatty Tuesday post this week, to be honest I didn’t feel very chatty. 

Tuesday afternoon I had my theory test. I needed to get 43 points in the multiple choice, and 44 in hazard perception to pass it. 

I got 60 in hazard perception…but 39 in multiple choice. Meaning I failed.

I was so annoyed and disappointed in myself that I failed it. And I’m dreading telling my driving instructor. Not that he’d have a go or anything, but still it’s just another person I’ve let down. 

So now I’ve got to book another test, and pay another £23 for it. I’m so fucked off with myself, I just so desperately want to get it passed so I can book my practical test. I thought the multiple choice bit would be easy…obviously not.

I just wanted to be able to come out of the test centre, jump in my stepdads car and happily say to him and my mum that id passed; just wanted them to be proud of me for doing it…but my stupid fucking nerves got the best of me. 

When I was stood outside the test centre waiting to be picked up, I watched as others came out from doing their test…all of which looked happy with themselves so they’d obviously passed it. Which just annoyed me even more. 

It took everything in me to not cry when I read the word failed on that piece of paper, and to try joke about it on the way home so I appeared to be ok. 

So next week, I’ll be asking stepdad when he’s next able to take me there again and get my 2nd try booked and just pray I pass it. 

The ‘security checks’ didn’t help with my anxiety; I wasn’t allowed to wear my necklace which I purposely wore to give me strength as it’s the one I have in memory of my friend Andrew, I wasn’t allowed to wear my S.O.P.H.I.E charity band, had to lift my hair up, roll my sleeves up to my elbows, prove I didn’t have pockets I was wearing leggings with a ‘skater’ style dress, they even checked on the inside of my glasses! Swear the security was higher than any bloody airport, all it was missing was a pat down and metal detector! 

Hopefully, the second time round I won’t be as on edge as I know what to expect…but knowing my luck I’ll get shitty questions again and fail again! 


🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹

“One More Light”

The official music video for Linkin Parks One More Light was released today. Safe to say I cried my eyes out. 

Here’s a link to it: 

I have always been a fan of LP, and Chester was my first ‘crush’ when I got more into that sorta music. They’re lyrics have helped me through various hard times in my life, and still do now. Their music helped a lot of people, because music is a powerful thing…even more so when the person singing the lyrics understands how it feels to be in the darkness of your own mind. 

It’s heartbreaking that Chester was taken the way he was. It’s still so hard to believe he’s gone. 

This song not only made me tear up because of Chester, but as someone who is still grieving from losing my best friend last year. One more light has beautiful lyrics that really struck a cord with me and how I feel, even taking Chesters passing out of the equation this song breaks my heart but makes me strong at the same time. 

Please listen to it, whether you’re a fan of Linkin Park or not, or atleast read the lyrics. 

There’s always someone who cares…

I do. 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹

Baby Name Tag

I’ve seen a couple people doing this on YouTube, so thought I’d join in for a light hearted post. 

Please note, I am not including my daughters name in this list at all 🙂 

What is your favourite boy and girls name from the Top Names List 2015? 

I can’t decide between Max and Hugo for boy, and Scarlett or Daisy for girl. Though I don’t think I’d use any of those names myself. 

What is your least favourite boy and girl name from the Top Names List 2015? 

Erm…Skye for a girl. Felix for a boy as it just makes me think of a cat lol 

If you had twins what would you name them? (B/B, G/G, B/G)

Twin boys: Toby and Benji. Twin Girls: Melody and Trixie. Then Boy and Girl: Toby and Melody. 

If you could change your name to anything what would it be?

I’m quite happy with my name to be honest, I don’t think I’d want to change it as it goes well with my middle name and surname. 

You have 4 children, any gender but their names must start with the same letter. What would you choose? 

Oh god I don’t know! I’ve never wanted 4 kids and I would never name them all with the same first letter. Erm… Toby, Tommy, Trixie and Tina. 

What’s your favourite animal inspired name? 

I think this counts kinda, but I like Leo for a boy which is sorta animal inspired from Lion. 

What’s your favourite colour inspired name? 

I quite like Scarlett, Violet, and Rose.

Top 3 favourite boy names?

Toby, Tommy, and Bowie

Top 3 favourite girl names? 

Melody, Trixie, and Willow

What’s your favourite celebrity baby name? 

I quite like Tom and Gi Fletchers youngest sons name which is Buddy. 

What is your ultimate guilty pleasure name? 

I don’t know really, I like the name Bellatrix but wouldn’t use it as it’d get shortened to Bella, and I love the name Bowie but I’d probably use it as a middle name not a first name. I love the name Eponine too.

Most hated baby names? 

I don’t know really. I mean I hate it when a parent gives a kid a long name like Jonathan but then calls him Jon all the time…what’s the point just name him Jon! 

Choose a name based on food/drink.

Erm…I don’t think I’d ever name a kid after food or drink lol I honestly can’t even think any! 

Choose a name based on a month.

I don’t really like any month names, I guess May because it was a relatives name. But I’d rather go for a seasonal name of Autumn. I love that name. 

Choose a name from a movie

Boys name is Toby, that’s the baby from Labyrinth. Girls name either Melody from Little Mermaid2, or Eponine from Les Miserables. 

Choose a name that is already in your family. 

My daughters name is the ‘least common’ name in my family (not including her name though). I like my grandpas name (nans dad) which was George, it’s the name I’d use as a middle name if I had a boy, and I quite like my mums name which is Cyndi. 


I’m not gonna tag anyone, if you wanna do it then feel free 🙂 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹