I know that people usually post about getting hundreds or thousands of followers on here, but honestly I’m so happy and grateful to have gotten the notification telling me I’ve hit 50 followers. 

When I first started this blog, I didn’t think anyone would read it if I’m honest, mainly because I don’t have a set topic I always talk about in every post. 

So I would like to thank all my followers for sticking with me, for the likes and comments that some of you leave too, I appreciate all of it. 

I’m thinking that when/if I reach 100 I might do like a little give away of some sort to say thanks. Though it will probably be a while til I reach that! 

Thanks again you beautiful lot! 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹

Review: Zoella products 

As much as I’d like to try all of the zoella range, I simply can’t afford it as personally I think it’s over priced. I do own the Zoella Hungry Hands hand cream, in fact I own 4 of them because Superdrug messed up and sent me 4 instead of 2- though I’m not complaining as it’s my favourite hand cream! I use it whenever I have a driving lesson or if I’m taking my daughter out in her buggy to stop my hands getting sore (I have quite sensitive delicate hands). The smell lasts all day, but it doesn’t taste great if you lick food off your fingers! I only bought it because it was on sale at the time after Xmas, I wouldn’t have paid full price for it. 

Zoella recently released her new range for the summer called Jelly And Gelato, which has some really pretty packaging. On its release day, I went onto the Superdrug website to see the prices- much to my surprise they were doing a 25% off introductory offer- though even with that offer, the items were still pretty pricey in my opinion (maybe I’m just really stingy?) 

They full prices are now as follows: Bath Wafer £5, Beauty Clutch £14, Body Pudding £8, Shower Sauce £5, Body Mist £8, Bath Milk £7, Cream Body Scrub £8, Shower Shake £6. 

I thought I’d try the cheapest product at the time which was the Bath Wafer which I think was around £3.75…which to me is a lot for something that is basically a bath bomb! 

The scent is Elderflower and Pomegranate, and my Christ can you smell the pomegranate! Before even opening the Superdrug box I could smell it, and got smacked in the face with a pretty over powering pomegranate scent, so strong that it did make me cough! You could probably use it as a room scent it’s so strong, and that’s without opening the packaging! 

I really wanted to like this product, especially because of the price, but I’ll be honest it’s nothing special. It disintegrated pretty well in the bath not leaving any gritty bits at the bottom, but the scent seemed to be non existent once in the water, and it didn’t make my skin feel any different or softer either. In fact, some bath fizzers/bath bombs I got from B And M were 10 times better, and were cheaper for about 6 rather than one block that’s for 2 baths. 

Zoella has also added to her Zoella Lifestyle range with some new products like notebooks etc…and my fucking god they really are over priced! £10 for 2 small notebooks that don’t even look very thick, and everything else is pretty highly priced. I appreciate the time and effort Zoe puts into her products, and they do look lovely but the prices are just bloody ridiculous for what the products are! There’s some cute new cushions, but there’s no way I’m spending £18 on a small cushion! 

I think Zoe needs to maybe write some more books, as she’s a good author and her books are far more affordable than her other products! 

I’m not hating on Zoe/Zoella, as I do follow her on social media and e joy her YouTube videos etc, but this is just my honest opinion on her products. 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹

Another random quiz thing 

First off, you’re single right?Indeed I am, been single since 2012 now! 
Do you straighten your hair?

Nah my hair is a lot thinner than it used to be so would look awful straightened now 
Can you play pool?

Yeah I can I used to be on a pool team a few years ago 🙂
Last person you talked on the phone with?

My Nan on Tuesday 
Would you take someone back if they cheated on you?

Not a chance I’ve made that mistake before 
How was your birthday?

Mum was here for the morning so I could have my presents from her and my daughter, other than that it was just a normal day like any other. 
Did you have any unread text messages this morning when you woke up?

No because I’m not that popular haha!
How old do you think you will be when you finally have kids?

I was 21 when I gave birth to my daughter 
What did you do yesterday?

I went for a mooch round town, met a friend called Kay for the first time for about half an hour (he was nice enough to come meet me because my back was killing) then came home and chilled out with my mum and daughter 
What did you do today?

I had a 2 hour driving lesson this morning involving a little Sing along on the way home to Paramore and Biffy Clyro because my instructor is awesome
What is one thing you miss?

Having the option to see friends or not, or just my social life in general sometimes 
Have you had your birthday yet this year?

Yes back in May
Are you happy?

Yeah I’m alright, there’s a few things that’ll make me happier but other than that yeah not too bad
Are you missing anyone / something?

Yeah I miss Andrew. Also miss a select few people from my home town and my Nan 
Is there anybody you just wish would fall of the planet?

Yes lol there’s probably a few 
Last person you hugged?

My daughter. Other than family, would be Mackenzie and that was almost a year ago. 
Will tommorow be better than today?

No, tomorrow I’m going to be really achey from shopping yesterday and driving today so I’m not gonna feel all that great. 
Would you immediately look for someone right after you and your girlfriend/ boyfriend broke up?

No…think I’ve proven that with how long I’ve been single for 😂 
Are you a naturally happy person? Or is your happiness forced?

I don’t force my happiness, if I’m happy then it’s genuine. But I’m not a barbie doll that smiles all the time I have resting bitch face lol 
Are you slowly drifting away from someone?

People drift from me all the time because I’m not interesting enough for them.
Which shoe do you put on first?

Left I think 
Have you ever written anything on a bathroom wall or door?

I’m not sure if I’m honest 
Who do you want to see right now?

Would be nice to see my Nan. Friend wise I wanna see Soph as I haven’t seen her for years. 
How fast does your mood change?

It can change pretty quick sometimes it depends on what’s going on around me 
How long do you have until your birthday?

8 months 
Do you want your tongue pierced?

Ive had my tongue pierced for around 8 years now 
How many children do you want?

I’m grateful to have my one, but I don’t think I’d wanna go above 2/3. 
You thinking about someone arent you?

Not right this second no
So you like hugs?

I love hugs. I’m a really cuddly person which most people don’t realise 
What brightened up your day today?

Listening to music during my driving lesson 
Who was your last text from?

My Nan 
Do you wish you had the chance to tell someone something right now?

Don’t think I’ve got anything to tell anyone 
Is there someone who continuously lets you down?

No not really
Will you talk to someone on the phone tonight?

Probably just my Nan, no one else phones me but her and mum 
Do you think you will be in a relationship 3 months from now?

Highly doubtful I’m always single for stuff like Xmas lol 
Happier single or in a relationship?

Either really. Both have good points 
What does your 8th text message say and who was it from?

I don’t even have 8 texts in my phone! Like I said I’m not very popular anymore lol 
Has anyone ever spelt your name wrong?

Yeah I often get people trying to over spell it like Aimee, whereas I’m just the simple Amy 
Do you get upset over the opposite sex easily?

Yeah sometimes 
Do you wish things were better?

Maybe easier, like with money etc 
Are you wasting your time on someone?

More than likely knowing me!

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹

Chatty Tuesday

Evening! I completely forgot what day it was today if I’m honest…hence the rather late chatty Tuesday post! 

I hope everyone is alright and is having a good week so far. Yesterday I had an appointment with the job centre just to do the usual 6 month check to see if I’d done any work or my circumstances had changed at all. Total waste of time really as I don’t fuck about with the benefits system like some people do but hey ho I guess they gotta do it. My daughter bless her, was playing while we waited for my name to be called, she was going round to every seat and sitting on it then running to the next…oh to be 3 years old and easily amused! She then found a white chair next to a plant pot with some little tree thing in it, and I have no idea how but she bloody fell off the chair straight into the plant pot covering herself in soil! Swear it happened in slow motion! She’s a little hard nut though and didn’t cry, she just had a cuddle and told me where hurt…she’s got a shiner of a bruise on her hip/bum bless her, but other than that she’s fine. Does anyone else automatically laugh when someone hurts themselves no matter who it is? My automatic reaction is to laugh for some reason…I mean, years ago my Nan fell over in front of me and broke her arm yet I was killing myself laughing! Of course I have the sense of panic, worry, and care too and I straight away go to anyone’s aid if I see them hurt, but I can’t help but laugh! Maybe it’s a panic reaction or something? It has come in handy with my daughter though, because a lot of kids will cry at the slightest little trip, but my daughter very rarely cries when she falls etc (she’s like her mummy, very clumsy!) and will actually laugh instead; which is good because if she has hurt herself she will cry about it rather than just crying for the attention. She’s a little hard nut! 

After the job centre, we then had time to go to macdonalds! And my god, I have a new favourite drink. They do a Honeycomb And Chocolate Iced Frappe…it’s the most beautiful drink I’ve ever had!!! Though knowing my luck it’ll just be a summer thing and by the time I next get to have a macdonalds they won’t sell it anymore! 


Today I decided to do a bit of drawing as it’s been a fair while. My daughter was happy watching Boss Baby (for the millionth time!) so thought I’d give it a go. I attempted Ren And Stimpy, a hand holding a rose, a heart being ripped apart, and a silhouette picture of Chester Bennington. 


Tomorrow the plan is to go into the town and have a leisurely mooch around to see if I can get myself, my daughter and my mum anything. My Nan has kindly said she’s gonna send me some money so that she can treat us all which was really nice of her. I think she’s doing it because usually she will go out and get us all something every now and again and send it even if it’s just something simple like chocolate or socks, but since having pancreatitis last month she’s still not been 100% with her stomach so hasn’t been out to get us any little things like she usually does. Her pancreas is fine and healing well, but she stayed in hospital over night last week with pains again but it was due to a small infection on her liver caused by some of the medication she has been taking for her rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. So she’s now been taken off those pills, been given antibiotics and has an appointment tomorrow to see if the infection has cleared up etc. Unfortunately, my Nan will always have some stomach discomfort, as she suffers with bad acid reflux, and her arthritis and osteoporosis has basically made her torso shift down so her rib cage is almost sitting on her hips which means she often feels quite scrunched up which is uncomfortable (all her organs etc are fine from the shift there’s still plenty of room etc). She’s just fed up of feeling yuck now; I’ve told her to ask the consultant tomorrow if it’s a possibility that she has IBS, purely because what she’s been describing is exactly what I get (I was diagnosed with IBS last year) so hopefully she will mention it and see what the consultant thinks. Bless her though she’s dreading it because they told her if the antibiotics haven’t worked quick enough they’ll be keeping her in and giving her antibiotics through a IV line, which she’d rather not have to go through she’d much rather be at home in her own bed! So fingers crossed she won’t have to be admitted. 


I’ve got no idea what I wanna wear tomorrow…I’ve got some black jeggings that my mum gave me which I’m planning to wear as they’re the closest thing I’ve got to my old skinny jeans/drainpipes. I just dunno what I want to wear on my top half or how to do my makeup regarding eyeshadow colours. Do I go for black and silver/grey eye shadow with a grey vest top and red and blank checked shirt over the top? Or do I go for a little more colour? I don’t know! I guess it depends on my mood tomorrow. 


Has anyone seen the new Zoella Lifestyle stuff? I mean it’s nice, but fuck me it’s expensive!! Like £10 for 2 small notebooks…I can go into The Works and get some equally beautiful notebooks for £1-£2! It’s ridiculous how much all the zoella products cost! Well I think it is anyway…maybe I’m just stingy? What do you think of the prices? 


Anyway I guess that’s enough random rambling for me tonight! 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹

Oh how Friday nights have changed! 

It’s 10:48pm, my daughter has finally dozed off and I’m laying in bed trying to distract myself from the pain my left side is in. I moved earlier and it felt like my ribs had popped and that there’s something under them digging in; the only thing that’s slightly easing the pain is to hold on to my rib cage…gonna be fun trying to sleep tonight! So I thought seeing as I can’t sleep for a while yet, I’d ramble away on here instead…aren’t you lucky! 

I was scrolling through old photos last night and saw so many from nights out when I used to drink, and it made me laugh at how much times change. For a start, I’m a mum now so obviously I’m not going to go out partying every weekend infact the last time I had alcohol was back in September 2016 purely because I don’t like drinking at home with my daughter around and I don’t like drinking alone. Secondly, I realised that I don’t even talk to most of the people in the photos with me anymore…which is kinda sad as they were part of some great memories; however, we don’t speak for a reason, I removed a lot of people from my life for being untrustworthy backstabbing drama queens. I simply can’t be bothered with the drama. It’s also weird to think that back then at this time of night we’d have maybe just finished pre drinks and gone to whatever club or pub depending on the event that night…yet here I am in bed! Nothing would stop me from going out either back in those days; I didn’t care if it was raining or if I had to walk on my own, if I had fuck all money I was lucky enough to know a lot of bar staff/security/managers to get most of my drinks for free, and even if I didn’t drink alcohol I’d still go out and have a good time. There was one time that I was on crutches yet I still walked to and from town just to go to the weekly rock night. I just never really wanted to be at home on my own because frankly my mind scared the shit outta me back then so I preferred being out with friends. Here’s a load of photos I put together from the old nights out before I fell pregnant. 

I was always up for going out, I was so sociable and pretty confident to meet new people back then. At the rock nights I’d often go round to new people and convince them to come back the week after with more friends…I was like a free promo member haha! I loved it, I loved dancing til stupid o’clock then hobbling to a kebab van on the way home and just crashing out with friends. I didn’t enjoy some of the drama and fights though obviously, but hey that’s what you get with alcohol sometimes unfortunately! 

I have actually found 2 corsets and a dress I used to wear out…I might try them on over the weekend and see if they still fit or not. Though if they don’t fit I’ll cry haha! Even though I have no where to wear them now, I still have my ridiculous high heels too. Maybe one night I’ll play dress up just for something to do lol 


Yesterday I think, I posted about wanting to eat healthy etc. I contacted my old school friend Aaron for advice and he was so helpful bless him and not judgemental like a lot of other people have been with me in the past. I’ve ordered myself some containers for food prep which should arrive at some point next week. Today has been a weird day though…my daughter woke up around 9:30am and we chilled out listening to the radio til around 11…then I got up and tidied my bedroom, then went downstairs to tidy and hoover the living room and kitchen aswell as do 2 loads of washing. I plan on doing the bathroom tomorrow and hoovering upstairs on Sunday as I have to spread it out because it makes me so light headed and dizzy cleaning for long periods of time so I have to take it easy. What was strange, is that I’ve eaten next to fuck all today and don’t even really feel hungry…all I’ve had today is a bag of Frazzles, Ready Salted Crisps, Caramel Wafer bar and a bit of dairy milk chocolate along with just 1 bottle of water. I don’t even know why I haven’t eaten much today…tomorrow will be different as I’ve got mince defrosting in the freezer so I can make a shepherds pie for the weekend. I really must start drinking more water though, I’ve always been terrible at not drinking enough! 


I was brave this week…I’m actually trying to arrange to meet up with someone for a few hours either next week or the week after. Mum has said she’ll babysit for a few hours, so I can go out on my own. This is a massive thing for me as I haven’t arranged to meet anyone in years and my anxiety tends to stop me. I just hope it happens and I don’t get let down…the person I’m meeting is pretty shit with replying to messages for the most part lol. 

Talking of being brace, in another post I mentioned a guy who id been chatting to who had stopped talking as much and I was in two minds whether to confront him or not…well I did. I sent him a message saying are you just generally shit and replying or have you lost interest…he did then reply explaining why he hadn’t been as chatty, and then he asked to talk on the phone to me. Well actually first he wanted voice messages over whatsapp but I said I’d rather a phone call so I don’t feel like I’m talking to myself. We chatted for quite a while really, about all sorts of random shit, he was so easy to talk to and my god his voice just sounded so nice! (I know that sounds weird but shh). After our call we carried on messaging each other chatting about horror films etc, and I asked the all important question of have you seen the film Labyrinth…to which he said he had and that he loves it! He pronounced bowie wrong but I don’t care I can let him off of that one lol. 

I love talking to him, he’s just so easy to chat to and I don’t have to put on any airs and graces I can F and blind all I want and he doesn’t care. He’s told me he’s a very gentle and affectionate person that loves cuddles (which is a big bonus point!), he’s been playing guitar for 12 years (I love guitar players), he’s very artistic, likes watching documentaries, has one of my old childhood favourites on DVD (Ren and stimpy!), can apparently cook really well…he just sounds like my ideal man all in one 6ft 2 tattooed package…however, I can’t help but think it’s too good to be true, and that I’m either gonna get played or end up hurt…I don’t know whether it’s because of my past or because I know that he has recently slept with someone (he’s single he’s allowed to do what he wants obviously, but I don’t know whether that was a one off thing or if he’s still seeing her or what!). I just know I enjoy talking to him (when he does reply lol) so I’d like to think he wasn’t too good to be true…who knows! Hopefully I’ll get to meet him and see from there! 


I just sneezed and honestly thought my left lung was going to explode…ouch!!! 😩 stupid rib cage…someone come look after me please and just hold on to my ribs for me, I’ll pay you in hugs haha! 

Anyone else on here watch a show called Naked Attraction? I find it fascinating at how different bodies look aswell as feeling kinda grossed out because bodies aren’t the best looking things especially genital area! Would you ever go on a show like that? I don’t think I would…the thought of being stood naked for a bloke to ‘inspect’ my features makes me feel rather uncomfortable, and I don’t think I’d take negative comments well where I hate my body already…interesting show though! 

Anyway, my plan for tomorrow is to clean the bathroom, carry on writing up my final assessment, and to just chill out in front of the tv watching films or playing games with my daughter like every other weekend…exciting stuff right? Honestly I’m 24, but you’d think I was more 64 with how exciting my life is 😂 

Time for me to stop pointlessly rambling and carry on scrolling through social media while trying to get comfy. 

Hope you all have a good weekend! 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹

I need to make a change 

So many times I’ve told myself that I need to start eating healthy and exercising at least a little bit…and I never stick to it. 

Recently, I’ve been seriously hating how I look- my hair, body, clothes just everything. I know that I don’t eat healthy enough, and having IBS I really should eat better. 

I need to start actually cooking myself proper meals that are good for me rather than being lazy and just doing chicken nuggets or pizza. 

On my shopping order for next week I have included 5 chicken breast and some mince which is enough for 7 dinners, but I have no idea what to actually make with it that’s easy and cheap to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated! I can’t have peppers or anything too greasy/oily because it effects my ibs and I don’t eat rice or anything with rice in. 

I’m going to seriously try and not eat as much chocolate as I do…I’m terrible for eating a whole big bar in one sitting which obviously isn’t good for me. So I need to find something to ‘snack’ on too. 

Exercise wise, the most I do is walk to the shop and back maybe twice a week. I need exercises that will tone up my legs, bum, stomach and that fatty bit around my hips/lower back. I’m not looking for major muscle, I just want to be less wobbly. However, I suffer with naturally low blood pressure which makes me dizzy and light headed easily, and my lower back is buggered from pregnancy so I have no idea what I can do that won’t cripple me. Again, suggestions would be appreciated. 

I’ve ordered a ‘reddish brown’ hair dye just for a little change, I can’t afford to go to a hairdresser (and they make me anxious) so I have to just make changes myself. Clothes wise I can’t really do anything until I’m happy with my body so I’ll just put up with that for now. 

I really need to do this. I’m fed up of hating what I see in the mirror, and the thought of anyone else seeing me naked makes me feel sick if I’m honest. And I need to not feel THAT insecure about myself. 

I want to be happy with myself and how I look…so I need to do this. I need to stick at it and prove that I can do this I’m fed up of having such low self esteem. I need my confidence back. And that starts now. 

So if anyone has any tips and suggestions, please PLEASE share them with me to help me out. 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹

Chatty Tuesday 

Good afternoon I hope you’re all doing well. I’ve got no idea what I’m about to write so I apologise if it’s rambly or doesn’t make sense! 

My daughter has messed up her body clock again. Yesterday she woke up at 4:30am, and this morning was closer to 4! However I’m quite glad that this morning she did go back to sleep around 7 til 10:30 so atleast I was able to sleep too, and hopefully she’ll go back to normal sleeping now…I’d rather she didn’t wake up that early on Thursday when I have a driving lesson! Fingers crossed! 

I got a lovely little surprise from my friend today in the post, she sent me a shopping bag with Johnny Depp on it as she knows he’s my favourite actor 🙂 it’s from the new pirates of the Caribbean film which I still need to see!

Speaking of letter writing, I’ve started writing to a girl I met when I worked at Punkyfish who used to come in all the time, she’s been struggling with her mental health lately so I thought I’d start sending her random letters every now and again to give her something to look forward to and hopefully brighten her day when she’s feeling shit. I don’t like seeing people struggle, so if I can do anything to help them I will, even if it is something simple like a letter- it shows that someone cares which often is what people need. 

On the subject of mental health, I’m getting so sick of people thinking that when I mention I’m tired it’s because I’m depressed… just because I have depression doesn’t mean I’m depressed 24/7. My mental health is pretty much under control luckily (without medication too), I will always have depression as it’s something that stays in the background and will appear every now and again (I just know how to control it better and not allow it to take over). So if I say I’m tired, it’s because I haven’t had enough sleep! I’m comfortable enough with mental health that if I’m feeling low I will openly say it, I don’t hide it by claiming I’m tired. I have had insomnia for 10 years, meaning I haven’t slept well in 10 years…so when my daughter decides to wake up at stupid o’clock of course I’m going to be drained and tired, I’m human I’m allowed to be tired without it being about my mental health. Some things are as simple as black and white, you don’t need to over analyse and look deep into my words…I’m honest, if I feel shit I’ll say it, if I’m tired from a crap night sleep I’ll say it! And FYI, assuming that someone’s mental health is playing up is not a good thing to do, it’s infuriating when someone assumes and it isn’t helpful in the slightest it’s just annoying…especially when it’s more than one person, and one of them doesn’t actually know you. So don’t assume, if someone wants to talk to you about something, they will; assuming they’re having a break down or whatever will just annoy and anger them and possibly make them not wish to speak to you if they were having mental health difficulties. So just keep that in mind…I’m not unwell, I’m just fucking knackered lol 

How many times have you sat and typed out a message to someone then deleted it? There’s a guy I was chatting to (he’s tall, and though not essential he’s got tattoos, lovely eyes, great build, and is a brilliant artist with a great sense of humour) but lately he’s kind of stopped messaging me as much…infact its barely at all. I’ve been wondering whether to send him a message basically asking if he’s just genuinely not very chatty or if he’s not interested. But then I don’t want that to come across wrong…I don’t bloody know. I’d understand if he has lost interest, because I don’t know when I’m going to be able to meet him and not everyone likes waiting. Who knows! 

I’m STILL waiting for when I can do my theory test; I know that my stepdad is busy, but it feels like my mum isn’t even trying to look for a day he could take me…I asked her to phone the test centre to at least ask about prices and if they only do theory tests on certain days, but she hasn’t even done that :/ I can’t phone them myself as it costs a small fortune to use my landline and my mobile signal is shite for texting most the time let alone phone calls. I just want to get it done incase I fail it the first time and need to re do it. My instructor keeps on asking me about my theory, because I think I need to pass that before I can even try my practical test. I’m hoping that I’ll only need one more block of lessons before trying my practical test…I hope. I’ve just got to perfect everything now so fingers crossed I can get up to test standard and pass first time…I don’t even care if I pass with some minors, as long as I pass I don’t care. I keep seeing cars for sale it’s really annoying I just want to be able to drive 😩

Has anyone been watching a series on BBC 2 called Top Of The Lake China Girl or something along those lines? I’ve binged watched 4 episodes it’s a strange series. 

I’ve tried out one of the new zoella products…didn’t think much of it but I’ll be posting my review on here soon for anyone interested. 

I think that’s enough rambling for today, as always mum is coming over tomorrow then I’ve got a 2 hour driving lesson Thursday. Such an exciting life I lead eh! Lol 

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹