Boxing Day 2017

For years I have always looked forward to Boxing Day, purely for the random stuff you end up eating that had been left over from Christmas dinner, especially cold chicken sandwich with loadsa salt! So this year mum has let me and my daughter stay an extra night because she knows I love Boxing Day. However this year I’m feeling kind of sad about it.

I’ve really enjoyed being at mums and having adult company, and my daughter has loved having other people to chat away to and play with…she’s only had 1 little strop since being here whereas at home she can have a few in a day so she’s obviously happy being here. It’s kinda made me realise how truly lonely I am at home as the only adult. I adore my daughter and love being with her obviously, but it’s things like watching a game show and playing along at home with someone else seeing who can get the most right…I also sleep soundly with no nightmares here because it makes me feel safer knowing I’m not the only adult in the house, and that if someone so much as drives down the track the dog would bark and alert us, whereas at home I’m the only adult with no one there to comfort me if I’m scared…I’ve even recently had to move the nightlight from the landing into my bedroom because my nightmares have been getting so bad that it convinces me my door is being opened etc so with a nightlight it’s bright enough for me to see but not too bright to stop us sleeping. I’ve also liked having dinners made for me which sounds silly and probably a bit lazy but if someone else cooks then I enjoy the food more. It’s also making me kinda sad to leave because my Nan goes home the day after, and I have no idea when we’ll get to see her again especially if I don’t pass my 2nd attempt of a driving test. I also know damn well that my daughter is going to be so upset to leave- she adores everyone here including the cat Topaz and dog Roxy, so to go home where it’s just me and her is kinda boring in comparison- and my mums house is bigger and more spread out so she has more space to run about here than at home.

Usually people get homesick and can’t wait to get home. Personally I’d rather stay here 😞 so it’s gonna be really hard to not show I’m upset tomorrow and then the day after when we go home and back to reality again.

I wish mum had 2 houses next to each other, that way I’d have the best of both worlds. Maybe we could move in to the barn with the cows…

Sorry to kinda end on a downer, but I’m all about honesty on my blog, and hopefully by getting it all out it will make it easier to not cry in front of everyone as I’m struggling to hold back the tears even now just thinking about it.


🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹


What I got for Christmas 2017

I hope everyone is having a lovely day so far. Thought that I’d do this post now while mum and stepdad are out doing their farm jobs. So here’s what I got for Christmas 🙂

Mason jar drinking cup with cats on the lid, angel of hope pen, Zoella perfume, Snape and Sirius Pop figures.

Nivea lip set, beauty and the beast makeup bag, Zoella products, twirls, flakes, and box of Belgium chocolate.

Pyjamas, £10 Superdrug card, mirror key ring, pick up sticks game, quote plaque, and teddy.

Harry Potter notebook, unicorn bath bomb set, little bag with a unicorn notebook, rubber, pen and wooden plaque with my name on made by mums friend.

Harry Potter socks, Harry Potter top, and a professor Snape mug.

Unicorn cushion cover, unicorn socks, and a unicorn calendar set.

Mothers Day dvd, fantastic beasts dvd, Billy Connolly dvd, and Linkin Park new album.

Russell Brand book, metal shots plaque for my kitchen.

7th heaven gift set of various face, hair, and feet masks, bath bombs and a bath pompom

My little unicorn gift box from my daughter. A makeup bag/pencil case, light up key ring, tea light holder, candle in a jar, pen, pompom key ring, 2018 diary, LED lights, multi coloured pen, colouring pencils in tin, and a neck cushion.

I love all of my gifts and I’m grateful for every single one.

What did you lot get? 🙂

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹

End of Blogmas 2017- for me anyway lol

Well, Christmas Day is getting closer! Even though most of this week I’ve had no idea what the day has been, today I’ve been thinking it was Saturday…then got a shock when my tv reminder for Coronation Street and Eastenders popped up! Yes I am sad enough to watch both those soaps religiously! I’m 24 honest haha!

I hope you are all sorted and ready for Christmas festivities. Does anyone else with kids get the sudden thought of “oh god have I got them enough? It doesn’t look like much compared to the social media photos everyone is posting”? I get it every year for Xmas and birthday. Even though my daughter is 3 and only just starting to understand Christmas, so she isn’t bothered by how many presents she gets I still look at everyone else’s photos and think that I haven’t got her enough. I think she’s got around 9 presents from me, but then she also has presents from her grandma, nanna and moomoo my stepdad so it’s not like she’s going without. I just sometimes wish I could afford to buy her more things. I’m not someone who will get into debt over buying Christmas presents, I usually start buying around the end of September time to give me plenty of time to spread costs out rather than panicking as December draws closer. I’m pretty good at managing money and budgeting, I will actually check my account online to see what cash I have available before buying anything so that I know I can still pay my bills etc. I try to not let my account go below £100, but this year with paying for driving lessons etc it’s not been possible to stick to that…think the lowest it went down to was £8 and I hated that!

I seriously can not wait for Christmas dinner! I love anything that’s been cooked for me, and a roast is always a winner in my books. As long as there’s a decent yorkie pud, loadsa gravy, plenty of meat preferably chicken and vegetables that you barely have to chew I’m happy! So I can not wait for that! It’ll also be nice for my daughter to spend some more quality time with her grandma reading and playing again, and just generally being in a different place for a change of scenery! Though she won’t be happy that the internet connection is awful for YouTube upstairs in the room we will be sleeping in, so I’m hoping the excitement of Christmas etc will ware her out enough so she doesn’t think about it lol

Anyone heard the new Christmas song by Brendon Urie/Panic At The Disco? I love it! Brendon has been going on Instagram live most nights recently but I’ve had to stop watching because I just end up staying awake til stupid o’clock watching him 😂 my insomnia loves it, my body does not.

Is anyone else a ‘holidays virgin’? I’ve never been in a relationship with anyone for any holidays or even Valentine’s Day. So I’ve never kissed anyone at midnight on New Years, kisses under mistletoe etc. Just curious as to how many people are the same lol

This will probably be my last blog post before Christmas now- I’ve been pretty awful at posting really so I apologise! I might do a ‘what I got for Xmas’ post possibly. Just for something to write about lol

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas however you’re spending it, and a great new year. Enjoy it, take loads of photos, smile, laugh, and make good memories. Don’t forget to absolutely stuff ya faces guilt free over Christmas 😉

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹

Why do I do this to myself?

The past few weeks I’ve been telling myself I need to go more careful with what I eat because of it setting off IBS flare ups. I seem to go a while of having no issues but then it comes back with vengeance and makes me feel really rough, so obviously I wanted to lower the risk of it happening on Christmas because let’s face it what would you rather do, sit with your family enjoying the day, or being curled up on the toilet in agony? Personally I’d choose sitting with my family.

Well today I done a stupid thing of ordering donuts with my shopping delivery, aswell as a pizza with mildly spicy meatballs on it. I ate most of the pizza and 3 donuts. Idiot. As soon as I’d eaten the 3rd donut I knew it was a mistake, but I held off taking any buscopan as I hate having to take medication if I can help it. I’ve felt alright all evening, until about 10 mins ago when I’d just got comfy in bed and my daughter had fallen asleep. Then my stomach went rock solid and felt like I was being squeezed from the inside. So out of my nice warm electric blanket heated bed I get, and onto the cold uncomfortable toilet for Christ knows how long tmi I know but pfft this is the reality of having a medical issue. I just wanna curl up in bed 😩 hopefully this little flare up will sort itself out and I’ll be ok in the morning- I’ve got my Nan coming over for the day while mum and stepdad go shopping so I don’t really wanna be stuck on the loo all day! Mums gonna bring dinner from the chippy too in the evening, but I think I might just have chips to be safe I wanted savloy and chips originally but the chippy don’t do them so was gonna try a battered sausage instead but I don’t think it’s worth the risk if it’s greasy as it’ll be likely to set off my IBS. Gone are the days where I could eat the greasiest food I wanted and however much I wanted.

I know there’s worse medical issues to have, and I know I’m ‘lucky’ to not have anything more sinister or whatever but it doesn’t take away the fact that having IBS is painful and can make me feel unwell, even on days when I think I’ve eaten well or been healthy for example lettuce and peppers often set off my symptoms. It does effect daily life, especially if I’m out in public and can feel a flare up happening because when it does I have to find a toilet and fast- though I am lucky that my IBS doesn’t tend to cause diarrhoea very often which makes things less embarrassing that’s for sure! I also can’t eat very fast so I’m often last to finish meals which I hate so I end up just saying I’m full when I can see everyone else finish around me more so if it’s friends, if it’s my mum it doesn’t matter as much. It’s not just food either, I have to watch what I drink, for example I can’t drink Pepsi or Dr Pepper anymore without getting excruciating stomach pain, and cola sometimes effects it too. I can just about handle a glass of lemonade if I drink it slow enough. As for alcohol, again I can’t drink it fast and I have to try and stay away from anything too heavy like beer which is annoying as I used to love a fosters top which is a pint of fosters with lemonade poured in at the top. Even healthy drinks can set it off such as smoothies, milk, and even fruit juices. So I have to be so careful what I consume when I’m not at home in order to avoid embarrassment or discomfort. The stomach pain can get so bad sometimes that I feel like I could pass out- luckily this only happened the once but it was while I was out shopping, I was desperately asking shops if I could use their toilets because I didn’t know where the public ones were but all refused- I was given wrong directions to the toilets multiple times aswell which didn’t help. At one point I was in a shop and had to kneel down next to my daughters buggy because I thought I was going to collapse. I eventually found the public toilets which were beyond filthy might I add and had to actually go to the loo with the door open in order to fit my daughter and the buggy in the cubicle with me because I wasn’t gonna leave her outside the door. Now whenever I go out I always make sure that the only thing I consume beforehand is water to reduce the risk.

So what I’ll have to do tomorrow is pretty much just stick to water and not really eat much just to settle my stomach back down again. Which is what I’ll have to do before Christmas too so that I can comfortably eat my Christmas dinner without worrying.

Sorry for a long tmi ramble, it’s just helped a little to distract me from the now niggling pain in my stomach.

Random unrelated question, anyone else get a clicky chest and ribs? My chest right down the middle keeps clicking which is rather uncomfortable and so do my left ribs. Ribs may be from years ago I damaged the cartilage thanks to 2 mates dog piling me as that side has never fully recovered but I have no idea why my chest is clicking. I’m falling apart 😂

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹

Blogmas 2017

Does it still count as blogmas even though I haven’t stuck to every day? Lol I don’t care either way I’ll call it blogmas as it’s the lead up to Christmas and I will be chatting about Christmas too.

So last Monday my Nan was taken into hospital because of her pancreas again. I was starting to lose my excitement for Christmas a bit if I’m honest; I was really looking forward to seeing her as she was planning on coming to us for Xmas this year which would be the first she gets to spend with my daughter. So with the days passing by of her still being in hospital, I was losing my excitement for Xmas a bit because it was looking like she wouldn’t be able to come down. Yesterday she was finally sent home from hospital, and will now be on her way here for Christmas as planned on Sunday! So my excitement can now return lol

I went shopping at B&M with my stepdad yesterday- it was a little disappointing as they didn’t really seem to have much there. He wants to go shopping again next week at some point as he still isn’t finished he wants to get my mum a few more things as in B&M it was just little presents really not the ‘meaningful’ ones. However being a farmer it means he doesn’t have a lot of free time. So, I have offered to go shopping for him with his card if he can bring Mum over to babysit for me, so we’ll see what happens!

My best girl mate sophie sent me and my daughter some Christmas presents that arrived today- we opened them now because my daughter gets too excited about getting stuff in the post lol here’s what she sent 🙂

I’m hoping her parcel has arrived safely I posted it yesterday 1st class and signed for so fingers crossed!

This week is gonna be a long one, especially if I don’t get to go shopping with my stepdad as my Mum usually stays over on a Wednesday to give me a break and some adult company, but obviously my Nan will be down so I won’t be going over there til Xmas eve. Gonna be a long week! I need to get all the clothes etc sorted and ready to take over to mums as we’ll be staying there til the day after Boxing Day. I’ve got a little suitcase upstairs that I’m thinking of using, but I’m praying it doesn’t have any spiders in I haven’t used it in a year or more! I’ve also got to see if I can book my driving test second attempt for January if I’ve got the money to do so. I just want it to be Xmas already lol

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹

Blogmas 2017 day 12

So the list thing I was following for blogmas has a few days that to be quite honest, are crap lol today’s one was something like ‘winter wonderland show where you live’ and in all honesty the picture wouldn’t be that great as it woulda just been out of my window and I’m sure people aren’t interested in a view of rain, houses, a doctor surgery and part of a field it’s not overly Christmassy looking!

Then I think tomorrow’s one is how do you count down to Christmas…again what can I really write about an advent calendar? So I am going to be missing a few days because I just don’t have decent answers for them, but I will still be answering the good ones on the days they’re meant for according to the list.

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹

Blogmas 2017 day 11

Christmas food: what’s on the menu

I love Christmas dinner. Mainly because it’s just a roast dinner really which is one of my favourite meals. So I think this year it’ll be the usual chicken, gravy, vegetables, roast potatoes, mums homemade yorkie pud, pigs in blankets and maybe cauliflower cheese too. Then pudding will be trifle made by me, then chocolate cake/ice cream for my daughter and any Xmas puddings the others want.

Some of these questions for this blogmas thing have really boring answers lol so I apologise! But I’ll keep at it purely for something to do lol I’m going xmas shopping Thursday with my stepdad for some last little bits so may be able to do a post on whatever I manage to get

🔹immeamy, you’re you, and that’s the best way to be🔹